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Is Drew Carey Gay? Is He Married



Is Drew Carey Gay

Drew Carey is a well-known comedian, actor, and game show host who has been in the entertainment industry for over three decades. He is best known for his eponymous television sitcom “The Drew Carey Show,” as well as for hosting the popular game show “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”

He is a highly successful comedian and television personality who has left a significant mark on the entertainment industry.

As someone who always has to engage an audience, Drew Carey has never shied away from having the spotlight on his life.

The latest rumors and questions about Drew Carey have been about his sexuality, with many fans wondering why a multimillionaire in his sixties would choose to be single. A good number of those fans strongly believe that the reason could have something to do with his sexuality.

But how true are these speculations? Could they be right? and Could Drew Carey be gay? Stick with us to find out.

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Drew Carey’s Background

Drew Carey was born on May 23, 1958, in Cleveland, Ohio, to Lewis and Beulah Carey. When he was just 8 years old, he lost his father to a heart attack.

He is the third and youngest of three brothers, Neal Carey and Roger Carey. He attended James Ford Rhodes High School and graduated in 1975 and afterward, he got into Kent State University, where he joined the Delta Tau Delta Fraternity.

While in the university, Carey struggled with his academic performance and was expelled twice. Eventually, after three years, he left KSU and enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve in 1980, where he served as a field operator for six years in the 25th Marine Regiment in Ohio.

Drew Carey’s comedy career began in 1985 when he was advised by a friend who had been paying him to write jokes for his radio show to visit the library and research how to write good jokes. The next year, Carey won an open mic contest, and he went on to become the MC at the Cleveland Comedy Club.

Over the next few years, he continued to perform at comedy clubs, and eventually, he got nationally recognized in 1988 when he participated in the American Television show “Star Search”.

In the late 1980s, Carey was discovered by Johnny Carson, who invited him to perform on “The Tonight Show.” This led to other television appearances, including a recurring role on the sitcom “The Good Life” and “Late Night with David Letterman”.

In 1995, he landed his breakthrough role in his eponymous television sitcom, “The Drew Carey Show,” which ran for nine seasons. He also hosted the popular improvisational comedy show “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” from 1998 to 2007.

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What Triggered The Rumor About Drew Carey’s Sexuality?

The rumor about Drew Carey’s sexuality started making the rounds after fans began to question his romantic life and choices. He had been engaged twice but had never gone through till marriage which sparked a lot of questions and raised a few eyebrows.

In 2007, he became engaged to Nicole Jaracz, and they were together for 5 years before calling off their engagement in 2012. They had no children together and interestingly, no wedding date was ever set.

This was highly unusual and suspicious, as there seemed to have been no point to the engagement in the first place. He went on to release a statement regarding the breakup, saying that it was “amicable”, but this raised even more questions from fans.

At a house party in 2017, Carey met Amie Nicole Harwick, who was a sex therapist, and she triggered a new interest in him. The two sparked like wildfire and began dating in no time.

They kept their relationship private until 2018, during which Carey popped the big question once again. The two were engaged and were openly romantically involved, as they would step out onto the red carpet as a couple and did not shy away from any PDA.

Unfortunately, their love story came to an abrupt end after the pair decided to call off their engagement late in 2018. Again, like his previous engagement, no wedding date was ever set, and the reason behind the breakup was unclear.

They remained friends, however, until 2020, when Amie Harwick was found dead in her apartment after she was attacked by an ex-boyfriend from a past relationship.

Carey was filming for “The Price is Right” at the time, and after he learned of her tragic passing, he withdrew from the set for a week. He took to his Twitter to share the message, “I hope you’re lucky enough to have someone in your life that loves as much as she did.”

Is The Rumor True?

The rumor about Drew Carey being gay is certainly not true. He has never come on or off the record to state that he is gay, and this makes any speculation about his sexuality to be false.

Additionally, he has been romantically involved with only women throughout his adult life, and that strongly suggests that he is straight. His two failed engagements and the fact that he has chosen to remain unmarried despite being in his sixties are not enough reasons to make him gay.

Who Is Drew Carey DatingNow?

Information about Drew Carey’s present relationship is unknown, however, we have reason to believe that he is currently single.

Awards and Nominations

Over the course of his career, Drew Carey has been nominated for numerous awards, including the following:

  • Cable Ace Award for Best Writing: Drew Carey: Human Cartoon
  • TV Guide “10 Hottest New Faces of 1995”
  • Satellite Award for Best Actor – Musical or Comedy Series
  • Honorary DHL from Cleveland State University
  • People’s Choice Award for Favorite Male Television Performer
  • Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
  • Comedy Central’s 100 Greatest Stand-Ups of All Time
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Drew Carey has been romantically involved with many women throughout his adult life. He has neither stated that he is attracted to men nor has he been seen in any romantic relationship or scandal involving a man.

For those reasons, the answer to the question “Is Drew Carey Gay?”, is no. Drew Carey is a straight 64-year-old man.

He is a highly successful comedian and television personality who has left a significant mark on the entertainment industry. His breakthrough role in “The Drew Carey Show” cemented his status as a leading actor, and his hosting gigs on “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” and “The Price is Right” showcased his versatility as a television personality.

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