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Is David Dobrik Gay? Actual Sexuality, And Love Life



David Dobrik

David Dobrik is a Slovakian-American actor, social media personality, entrepreneur, and vlogger. He is best known for his successful YouTube channel with over 17.8M subscribers where he performs all kinds of stunts with his friends just like Me Beast.

Is David Dobrik Gay? No. David may not be open about his relationships but that doesn’t mean that he is gay. As we go on in this article, we will be discussing the rumors about his sexuality and the truth about it.

David Dobrik’s Early Life And Career

Is David Dobrik Gay

David Dobrik

Born on July 23, 1996, in Košice, Slovakia, David Dobrik’s family relocated to Vernon Hills, Illinois, when he was just six years old.

He grew up with three siblings and attended Vernon Hills High School, where he actively participated in tennis, even qualifying for the 2014 Boys Tennis State Tournament and securing third place in the doubles tournament. Following his high school graduation, Dobrik made a significant move to Los Angeles to pursue his career.

Dobrik’s journey in the world of online content creation began on April 3, 2013, when he shared his first video clip on Vine, an app recognized for its six-second comedy videos featuring pranks, sketches, and musical performances.

As he amassed a considerable following on Vine, he decided to venture into YouTube, a platform that was gaining popularity. He initially joined a collaboration channel called Second Class, which was managed by five other content creators.

His influence continued to grow, and by the end of 2014, David established his own YouTube channel, aptly named “David Dobrik.” Recognizing the value of teamwork, he formed the Vlog Squad, a group of collaborators who assisted him in creating content. David’s strong work ethic and innovative editing style quickly paid dividends as he gained over a million subscribers within a year.

In 2017, David expanded his content creation by launching his second channel, “David Dobrik Too,” where he posted videos unrelated to his usual comedy skits. This channel featured bloopers, challenge videos with his girlfriend Liza, and Q&A sessions. Impressively, in less than a year, he attracted 4.6 million subscribers to this additional channel.

Today, the first channel, David Dobrik has over 17.8M subscribers with billions of views across 536 videos while David Dobrik Too has 8.11M subscribers. David is considered one of the top YouTubers alongside others like Mr Beast and DanDTM.

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David Dobrik’s Gay Rumors

David Dobrik faced rumors about his sexuality, which began with a Reddit thread discussing a podcast episode. In the episode titled ‘Starting an Only Fans,’ David hinted at being open to the idea of being with a guy in the future, which led some to speculate that he might be bi-curious or potentially exploring his sexuality.

The thread reads;

“So I’m surprised no one has talked about this yet. I’m a little behind on the podcasts, but on the one titled ‘Starting an Only Fans’ Jason asks David if he ever sees himself with a guy in the future”

The thread continued, “and David says yes and that Ilya said that they talked about this before and he was like that’s cool and then joked ‘just don’t try to f*** me.'”

David also added that he wants to try everything (implying that he also wants to be with a guy). So is David Lowkey coming out and playing it cool? Then they completely switched topics.”

The thread’s commenters debated whether he was subtly coming out or just playing it cool.

The rumors intensified due to David’s denials of romantic involvement with people like Corinna Kopf, Madison Beer, and his assistant, Natalie. Some fans concluded that these denials hinted at him being bisexual.

Is David Dobrik Gay

David Dobrik with Corinna Kopf

Is David Dobrik Gay

David Dobrik with Madison Beer

Is David Dobrik Gay

David Dobrik with Natalie Noel

David addressed these rumors in a January 12 episode of his VIEWS podcast, where he explained that the speculation began with a Twitter thread, and people thought he might be bicurious.

David Dobrik RESPONDS To Bicurious Rumors!

He found it amusing but clarified that he doesn’t consider himself bisexual or bicurious and that his comments may have been misinterpreted.

Is David Dobrik Gay?

Is David Dobrik Gay

No, he is not. David Dobrik has not publicly identified as gay, and he has addressed the rumors by stating that he doesn’t consider himself bisexual or bi-curious. Sexual orientation is a personal matter, and individuals have the right to define their own identities.

The supposed hint he made in a podcast, about being open to the idea of being with a guy in the future, leading some to speculate that he might be bi-curious or exploring his sexuality doesn’t hold any ground.

David clarified that he does not consider himself bisexual or bi-curious. He stated that his comments may have been misinterpreted, and all together, he found the rumors amusing.

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David Dobrik’s Dating History

David Dobrik has kept his romantic relationships largely private. He was previously linked to model Charlotte D’Alessio, particularly after they appeared in a romantic perfume ad together in October 2020. Although the ad seemed cozy, David clarified that they weren’t dating and that it was just a project.

Is David Dobrik Gay

David Dobrik with Charlotte D’Alessio

Despite fans shipping David and his best friend Natalie Mariduena, there was never a romantic relationship between them. Natalie is in a relationship with fellow internet star Todd Smith. David did admit to having a crush on Natalie during their earlier years but mentioned they never acted on it.

David and his former girlfriend Liza Koshy broke up, citing their busy lives and feeling distant from each other. They decided to keep the breakup private for a while, out of frustration over the distance.

Is David Dobrik Gay

David Dobrik with his ex-girlfriend Liza Koshy

Recently, there were romance rumors between David and singer Sabrina Carpenter. Anonymous posts on DeuxMoi hinted at their possible romance in February 2023, and they were seen together at Lollapalooza in August 2023, although neither has publicly addressed these rumors.

Is David Dobrik Gay

Sabrina Carpenter


Is David Dobrik Bi?

David is not bi. There is no evidence to prove that he has been with a man before whereas his dating history proves that he’s been in relationships with women in the past.

Is David Dobrik married?

No. David is neither married nor in a relationship at the moment. He has continued to shield his personal life from the internet.

What is David Dobrik’s net worth?

David’s net worth is estimated at $25 million as of 2023. He earns most of his income from his YouTube channel.

How old is David Dobrik?

Born on July 23, 1996, David Dobrik is 27 years old as of 2023.

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David Dobrik has faced rumors and speculations regarding his sexuality, particularly stemming from a podcast episode in which he hinted at being open to the idea of being with a guy in the future.

However, he clarified that these comments were misinterpreted and that he does not consider himself bisexual or bi-curious. These rumors have led some to question his sexual orientation, but David has publicly stated that he is not gay and has found the rumors amusing.

While David Dobrik’s romantic life has been the subject of public interest, he has kept his relationships largely private. He has been linked to various individuals in the past, including model Charlotte D’Alessio, but clarified that they were not dating. His close friendship with Natalie Mariduena led to speculation, but he and Natalie have never had a romantic relationship.

In summary, David Dobrik has addressed rumors about his sexuality and made it clear that he does not identify as gay. His dating history includes various relationships, but his romantic life is often kept private, and he has not confirmed any recent romantic involvement.

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