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Howie Long Net Worth



Howie Long Net Worth

What Is Howie Long’s Net Worth

Born January 6, 1960, the 63-year-old sports enthusiast carved a name for himself during his prime. The Charlestown-raised man was a former player and actor. Currently, Howie Long works as a sports analyst with Fox Sports.

As of 2023, The father of three has an estimated net worth of $16 million. Most of this wealth came from endorsements, acting, and as an NFL player.

He debuted his movie career in 1998 in a movie titled “Firestorm.” Howie was the lead cast in this movie. After the success of his debut movie, the 63-year-old became a sensation and was featured in several movies.

He starred alongside some big names in the movie industry, such as John Travolta in Broken Arrow. Howie Long has been consistent both in acting and as a player. His first movie came to the box office in 1998.

Howie Long had featured in movies such as “Fox Football Daily,” Malcolm in the Middle, 3000 Miles to Graceland, The Road to Graceland, and King of the Hill, among others.

Howie Long has succeeded in every career he has tried. This post will tell you about Howie Long’s early life, personal life, earnings overview, career, awards and achievements, success quotes, and lifestyle.

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Early Life

The American professional footballer was born on January 6, 1960, to his father, Howard Long Sr, and his mother, Margaret Kirk, who lived in Somerville, MA. He grew up in Charlestown, Boston, U.S.A.

Although his father and mother were alive, Howie Long was raised by his uncles and maternal grandmother in Charlestown, Boston.

Howie was a student at Milford High School in Milford, Massachusetts. During this time, Howie was a member of the Hall of Fame for his lettering in sports such as basketball, football, and other track events.

Howie Long’s incredible performances later made him the scholastic Coach All-America team. He went on to create new records in track events.

Howie was a great footballer in college and worked as a letterman for four years. Howie made it among the team of players who played the Blue-Gray Football Classic. He bagged an award for the tournament’s most valuable player (MVP) in 1980.

After leaving high school, the sports analyst proceeded to the University of Villanova. As a freshman in the university, Howie was involved in each game as a freshman. He was one of the team members who played for the Wildcats in college.

During the rookie season, Howie Long had 99 tackles to his name. He finished his education in 1981 and graduated with a degree in Communications.

Quick Facts

Full Name Howie Long
Religion Roman Catholicism
Net Worth $16 million
Date of Birth January 16, 1960
Age 63
Country of Origin The U.S.
Place of Birth Somerville, Massachusetts, United States
Height 6’5 ″ (1.96 m)
Source of Wealth Sports analyst, Former NFL player, Actor
Wife Diane Adonizio
Weight 112 kg
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Social media N/A
No. of Children 3
Eye Color Green
Married Date June 27, 1982

Personal Life

On June 27, 1982, Howie Long started raising his family. It was the same year the American actor tied the knot with his love Diane Adonizio. Howie and Diane Adonizio had met each other back in the late 1970s. The two love birds were students at the University of Villanova.

Howie and Diane had their first child on the twenty-eight of March 1985 and was named Christopher Howard Long. On December 5, 1988, the family welcomed another child and named him Kyle Howard Long. His last child, Howard Long Jr., was born in 1990.

Howie Long’s children took after him. All his children are sports enthusiasts. His first child was a two-time Super Bowl champion and spent more than a decade in the NFL. His second child Kyle is also a player in the NFL who plays for Kansas City Chiefs. His third child, Howie Jr., works in player personnel for the Raiders.

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Earnings Overview

Howie Long has an estimated net worth of $16 million as of 2023. He accumulated wealth from different industries, such as football, sports analysis, and film acting.

After his movie debut, the one-time NFL draft player featured in movies such as “Broken Arrow.” After he retired from the NFL, Howie Long worked in different places. He earns a monthly salary of $4 million from Fox Sports as a journalist and commercials for General Motors.

Over the years, the actor endorsed many brands, such as RadioShack, in 2000. In 2009, Howie Long also endorsed Chevy. The most recent was in 2017, when he endorsed Skechers Wide Fit (2017). Howie Long has been making income from all these endorsements.


Howie Long Kick-started his professional football career with Oakland Raiders (now Los Angeles Raiders). The Massachusetts-born sports analyst didn’t feature in the first round of the game. He featured in the second round, starting at No. 48 in an NFL draft match in 1981.

Howie took a defensive role in the match, where he was assigned the number 75 jersey. The 63-year-old hung his boot after an incredible 13 years playing as a professional, spending most of his career with the Raiders.

Howie achieved many records during his playing time, including the one-time Super Bowl (XVIII) champion. He also had other achievements, such as three-time first-team All-Pro among others.

As a man with different talents, he felt it was time to try something new beyond running after the ball on the pitch. Howie Long then kick-started an entirely new career in acting. However, he narrowed it down to acting only in action films.

The one-time super bowl champion had featured in many movies since his debut. Some movies he featured include “Broken Arrow” and ” That What You Do.” Both films were shot in 1996. He was also featured in the 1998 movie titled “Firestorm.” He continued featuring in other movies until 2001.

Howie achieved a record of 91 sacks throughout his entire NFL career. When he retired, he was a key player for the Raiders. Howie played for Oakland and was also transferred to Los Angeles. During this time, the father of three became the “last man standing” due to the years he spent with the Oakland team.

Howie Long was famous during his NFL career due to his signature move, “rip.” He used to excuse this movement with an uppercut that broke his opponent’s grip. He was named among the all-time players in a “dream” when he hung his boots in 1993. He shared this honor with other notable players such as Curley Culp and Lawrence Taylor.

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Awards and Achievements

During the active days of Howie Long’s career, he received many awards and achievements for his outstanding performance as a player. Among these achievements is winning the Super Bowl (XVIII). He was also an eight-time Pro Bowl for five times, three-time First-team All-Pro, two-time Second-team All-Pro,

Other notable achievements include being an NFL Hall of Fame Member (2000), NFL Defensive Player of the Year (1985), and

1980s All-Decade Team of the NFL.

3 Key Factors to Success from Howie Long

Certain factors have contributed to the success of Howie Long. The 1985 defensive player of the year winner believes that anyone can achieve their dreams if they follow these notable life lessons:

Be passionate about your career

Undoubtedly, the American professional actor has been passionate about his career. From footballing to journalism, Howie demonstrated his passion right from college.

Try something new

Howie was once a footballer, and when he retired, he ventured into acting. His acting opportunity might have eluded him if he had not tried something new. Therefore, don’t be afraid to try something new. You may not get the expected outcome in the first place, but always remember that failing is better than not trying.

Believe in yourself

Howie Long got to college and did not waste time showcasing his talent. He believed he had all it takes to strive even among the professionals. His self-conviction made him a champion, both within the college and beyond.


Howie Long loves a good life. According to reports, the former ESPN broadcaster had a home in Charlottesville, Virginia which he acquired in 201. However, news surfaced that he sold this property for $2.45 million compared to the initial acquisition costs of $1 million.

Within eight years, the former footballer made a reasonable profit margin. The property is said to have a living space of about 5,000 sq ft. Other features in the properties include a theatre, bar, and a patio.

Howie commonly drives Chevy trucks and is no fan of luxurious convertible cars. He is a fan truck because of his height. Howie doesn’t enjoy maximum comfort in sports cars. He is also known to run charities for the less privileged.

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Howie Long has enjoyed an incredible career over the years. The all-round-sportsman acquired a net worth of $16 million from football to journalism, including other careers. The current FOX sports studio analyst can grow his wealth more in future years.

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