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How Much Does Jeff Bezos Make A Day



How Much Does Jeff Bezos Make A Day

Jeff Bezos earns more than $205 million every single day. This amount is derived from calculations based on his earnings and net worth rise. However, his compensation is minimal when compared to that of other billionaires, like Andy Jassy (President and CEO of Amazon).

Where Does Jeff Bezos Earn His Money?

While Jeff Bezos is most recognized for his connection with Amazon, it is not the primary source of his fortune. Currently, there are 32 ways Jeff Bezos makes money. Here are some of them:


Amazon provides the majority of Bezos’s revenue. He founded Amazon, which began as a bookstore. Bezos wanted to enter this sector because he was fascinated by the expanding internet.

In the mid-1990s, he recognized Amazon as a possible competitor and established as a book-selling firm. However, books were not the only goods he would offer.

As Amazon expanded, it began to sell other things. He, his wife, and two other programmers founded the company. At the time, he also put $10,000 of his money into the firm.

How Rich Really Is Jeff Bezos?

Google Investments

Bezos also opted to invest in Google early on, in 1998. He put up at least $250,000 at the time. That sum alone is worth billions of dollars now.

With Google remaining the undisputed king of the internet, its worth is only expected to rise. If Bezos holds on to his early investments, he may easily see them increase in value over the following few years.

The Washington Post

Bezos bought The Washington Post in 2013. He paid $250 million for it. Its traffic skyrocketed after he began to turn it into an online and an in-print newspaper.

In terms of traffic, the newspaper surpassed even The New York Times in 2015, the first time The Post has ever surpassed The Times. They were able to outperform The Times thanks to their web viewers.

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For its stories, the Washington Post employs a subscription approach. Although readers may read a few articles for free, most of their content is behind a paywall.

The Insane Scale Of Jeff Bezos’ Wealth Visualized

The video discusses how unbelievably rich Bezos is and explains how overwhelming 204.6 billion dollars can be. Learn more by watching the video on Youtube in the link mentioned above.

One of the examples stated in the video is that Bezos owns more money than 3.5% of the adult human population combined. The video also states that if you were to have a job where you were paid $8,000 an hour, you still wouldn’t have as much as Jeff Bezos has.

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How Did Jeff Bezos Get Rich?

Before founding Amazon, Jeff Bezos worked as a hedge funder in New York. Amazon struggled to make a profit at first, but it’s now worth $1.7 trillion. During the epidemic, its stock price has reached new highs.

How Smart Is Jeff Bezos?

There’s no available evidence of Jeff Bezos’ IQ. However, he probably has a high IQ because he participated in the gifted program at River Oaks Elementary School and received a Silver Knight Award when he graduated.

How Much Of Amazon Does Jeff Bezos Own?

Jeff Bezos owns 10% of Amazon. Bloomberg Billionaires Index states that Jeff Bezos has used a portion of his Amazon riches to support his private rocket business, Blue Origin, and, more recently, his charity. He controls around 10% of the internet retail behemoth.

Inside Jeff Bezos Daily Routine

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