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Hazel-E, born Erica Adams, is an American TV personality, rapper, and entrepreneur with a dynamic presence in the entertainment industry. She earned recognition through the popular reality TV show “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood,” where her personality and relationships came under the spotlight. Her artistic endeavors extend beyond television, with Hazel-E establishing herself in the music scene through various mixtapes and singles that showcase her talent as a rapper and artist. Her career has been marked by both her professional milestones and personal life, often interwoven and playing out in the public eye.

Standing as an embodiment of a modern-day entertainer, Hazel-E has built a brand that resonates with many of her followers. Her journey is punctuated by her diverse roles, not only as a reality TV star and musician but also as a publicist and brand consultant. These facets contribute to her multifaceted career, painting a picture of a woman who is as versatile as she is determined. While Hazel-E’s professional life is documented and well-followed, her personal life, especially details like her relationships and family, has also piqued public interest, with fans keen to learn more about her off-screen persona.

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Hazel-E Personal Profile

Name: Arica Tiffany Adams
Professionally Known As: Hazel-E
Date of Birth: April 25, 1980
Age: 43 Years Old
Height: 1.67 m
Weight: 60 Kg
Body Measurements: 40-33-42
Ethnicity: African-American, Puerto Rican

Hazel-E, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, has established herself as an accomplished figure in the entertainment industry. At 43 years old, Hazel-E stands at a height of 1.67 meters and maintains a weight of 60 kilograms. Her birth sign is Taurus, which is often associated with determination and a strong will, traits evident in her multifaceted career.

Initially gaining fame in Hollywood, Hazel-E is not only recognized as an actress but also for her impactful presence in music. Furthermore, she has harnessed her talents as a publicist, entrepreneur, and brand consultant, demonstrating an impressive versatility.

Place of Birth: Cincinnati, Ohio
Resides: Houston, Texas

Given her diverse ethnic background, being both African-American and Puerto Rican descent, Hazel-E brings a rich cultural perspective to her professional endeavors. Her personal profile reflects a talent that has navigated the challenges of the entertainment industry with confidence and clarity.

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Career and Public Life

Hazel-E has established a multifaceted career spanning across various aspects of the entertainment industry, primarily recognized as a TV personality and musician. She has leveraged her public image to make significant strides both on-screen and in the music world, impacting social media and being involved in several notable incidents.

Media Career

Hazel-E, originally a publicist and brand consultant, stepped into the limelight as a TV personality through her significant role in VH1‘s reality series “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood”. As a main cast member, she helped shine a light on the intricacies of Hollywood‘s entertainment circles, navigating her relationships and career on screen.

Musical Endeavors

As a rapper, Hazel-E launched her musical career with KT Music, releasing various mixtapes that showcase her talent. Her connections with influential artists like Teairra Mari, Ray J, and Katt Williams have played a role in her musical journey, though her relationship with Yung Berg led to notable tension within the dynamics of “Love and Hip Hop”.


Through her work in entertainment, Hazel-E has developed associations with numerous artists and influencers. Engagements in projects like “Marriage Boot Camp” and “Iyanla: Fix My Life” further diversify her portfolio, reflecting a commitment to personal growth and addressing past incidents such as being molested and her shoe fetish.

Social Media Impact

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube serve as platforms for Hazel-E to influence and interact with her audience directly. The breadth of her social media presence has made her a notable social media influencer and a model to many followers, amplifying her voice beyond traditional media channels.

Notable Incidents

In her career, Hazel-E has not been a stranger to controversy. From public feuds with other cast members of her reality series, notably with Rose Burgundy, to addressing her own personal challenges on television, these incidents have shaped her narrative and increased her visibility within the media and entertainment sectors.

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