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Taylor Swift?

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    I don’t get it? Tonight I looked at some of her videos on youtube, and now I REALLY don’t got it. Why is this person so popular? I know music, and have seen just about everyone in concert. The Allman Brothers Band, Alice Cooper, Joan Baez, Dylan, B.B. King, Irma Thomas, Mahalia Jackson, Heart, Moody Blues, James Brown, you name it. My father was a musician and owned a small label record company. She has this 13 year old voice and looks like a young teen in her videos. Her singing is not at all special. The media raves about her songwriting ability. It’s pop! Help me out here. There are sooooooo many more talented people in music, even the street musicians in New Orleans are way better.

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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