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Ed O’Neill Net Worth



Ed O’Neill’s Net Worth

Net Worth: $65 Million
Age  76
Born: Apr 12, 1946
Gender: Male
Height:  1.854 m (6 ft)
Country of Origin United States of America
Source of Wealth Acting, Comedy, Voice over

Ed O’Neill Net Worth, Biography, Wife, Height, Movies & TV Shows and many more details can be checked on this page. Edward Leonard O’Neill, popularly known as Ed O’Neill, is an American actor, comedian, and voiceover artist born on April 12, 1946.

He rose to fame for his role as Al Bundy in Married… With Children. This Fox Network sitcom aired 259 episodes over 11 seasons, which catapulted Edward to stardom.

What Is Ed O’Neill’s Net Worth

Ed’s net worth as of January 2023 was estimated at $65 million. He garnered this fortune from his successful acting career and other related side gigs such as voiceovers and comedy.

Read on as we get deeper into who Ed O’Neill is. The post covers his personal life, career highlights and achievements, investments, and many more!

Earnings Overview

Ed O’Neill had a breakthrough right from the start. That is because his first professional role was in a successful sitcom series aired on one of the most remarkable televisions, Modern Family. Ed was featured in the first episode in 2009, but how was he paid?

The first few seasons saw Ed bagging between $30K and $150K per episode. But since the show had a remarkable success, his salary increased between 2014 and 2018 to $200K. His salary increased further after 2018, which saw him earning $500K per episode for his role.

Ed O’Neill also earns good money from the reruns of the show. Although the exact figure is unknown, it is rumored to be about $10 million annually. He was ranked sixth by Forbes in the list of highest-paid television actors, having a $14 million figure on his name.

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Personal Life

Ed O’Neill did not come from a well-off family. He was born on April 12, 1946, in Youngstown, Ohio, United States. His father, Edward Phillip O’Neill Sr, was once a truck driver and metal mill employee and his mother, Ruth Ann Quinlan, was a homemaker and a social worker.

Ed’s childhood was once full of uncertainties. He first pursued a soccer career, which backfired after he could not make it as a professional player. Ed later returned to college, the place he enrolled and graduated from a theater program.

After graduation, Ed worked as a substitute teacher at Ursuline High School. But he could not last long in his teaching profession and ventured into something else a few years later. Instead, Ed switched to full-time acting, which made him a fortune. He moved to New York in 1977, but his dream still seemed far from reality.

Ed by no means had success in his first strive to grow to be an actor. After he failed to get any roles in Youngstown theater productions, he picked an informal job as a busboy. At the same time, Edward studied part-time at the Circle in the Square Theater School.

It is not until 1979 that Ed obtained a lead position in the Broadway play entitled “Knockout.” He could eventually smile because he could do what he preferred and started gaining fame.

Career Highlights

Ed O’Neill has had a successful career following his role in the Knockout play in 1979. His performance was incredible, which attracted the attention of Director William Friedkin. Since he was impressed, William gave Ed a small role in the 1980 film “Cruising.”

The appearance of Ed in the Cruising introduced him to the world, but he was yet to become famous. Following the film’s success, Ed O’Neill landed many roles in commercials and television series.

Ed’s long-awaited breakthrough came in 1987 when he got a role in one of the most successful series, “Married… With Children.” He played Al Bundy on the series from the pilot episode to the last one across all 11 seasons.

Ed’s name became a force to reckon with in the industry. And even after the sitcom ended, he landed other roles in television series, such as “The 1oth Kingdom.” He was also featured in the “Big Apple,” “L.A. Dragnet,” “The West Wing,” and “John from Cincinnati.”

Ed O’Neill explains how he got a role in the Married… With Children TV series:


Ed O’Neill graduated from Ursuline High School, after which he transferred to Worthington High School. He joined Ohio University after getting a soccer scholarship but later went to Youngstown State University.

After failing as a professional NFL player, O’Neill returned to Youngstown State University and enrolled in the school’s theater program. He later graduated and started his new career as a substitute teacher at Ursuline High School.

Family Life

Ed is a family man who got married in 1986. His wife, Catherine Rusoff, also has a career in the same industry as an actress. The couple lives together with their two daughters, Sophia O’Neill and Claire O’Neil, in Los Angeles, California, United States.

Houses & Cars

Ed O’Neill and his wife, Catherine Rusoff, own many properties across the United States. The couple has houses and cars, which show their luxurious lives.

The family owns a magnificent Hawaii Balinese-style home in the Kailua-Kona Area. Ed also owns a Brentwood home, which he bought for $3.05 million.

However, Ed remains a bit secretive when it comes to cars. He likes keeping them out of the limelight, but he has a collection in his garage. Among his famous rides are the Land Rover and Range Rover.

But as mentioned, Edward never shares his car collection with the public as other celebrities do on social media.

Movies, Investments, and Endorsements

If you are searching for an actor who has made a name in the industry, that would be Ed O’Neill. He appeared in many films and television series. Among his most reputable ones include the following:

  • Married… with Children – from 1987 to 1997
  • Dutch in 1991
  • Little Giants in 1994
  • Modern Family from September 2009 to April 2020
  • Lucky Numbers (2000)
  • Nobody’s Baby (2001)
  • Spartan (2004)
  • Redbelt (2008)
  • Entourage (2015)
  • Sun Dogs (2017)
  • The Last Shift (2020) – a drama-comedy movie, Ed’s remaining film to this day.

O’Neill is also a prolific voiceover actor. He voiced different characters in some high-budget animated movies, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Ralph (2012)
  • Ralph Breaks the Internet (2018)
  • Finding Dory (2016)
  • Handy Manny (2011)
  • The Penguins of Madagascar (2012)
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Awards and Achievements

Ed O’Neill has had immense success in his career. He gained the T.V. Land Innovator Award for his extraordinary overall performance in “Married… With Children” and 4 Screen Actors Guild Awards for his outstanding performance in “Modern Family.”

Ed O’Neill was also awarded the famous person on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2011 and nominated for two Global Awards for his role in “Married… With Children.” He also displayed an outstanding performance in “Modern Family,” which made him a three-times nominee for Emmy Awards.

Ed’s subsequent fulfillment is now not in stage performance. He has been nominated twice for the Behind the Voice Actors Award for his super job on “Wreck-It Ralph.”

The following is a listing of his different awards:

  • 2 Golden Globe Awards
  • 9 Screen Actors Guild Award
  • 2 Critics’ Choice Television Award
  • Primetime Emmy Award

How Does Ed O’Neill Spend His Money?

Edward is a profitable actor and has had a super career. But how does he spend his millions? Some continue to be a secret. However, the reality stays Ed is a beneficent man.

Besides financing his flashy lifestyle, Ed has spent his fortune on charitable agencies and foundations. He has donated to the Got your 6, Sandy Hook Promise, Global Green, Entertainment Industry Foundation, Screen Actors Guild Foundation, etc.

Edward has also donated part of his fortune to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund and supported different courses, such as hunger, peace, environment, innovative arts, veterans, and women.

Ed O’Neill’s Social Media Account

Ed O’Neill is additionally handy on social media. The actor has over 7K followers on Instagram and 100K Twitter followers, and he is additionally lively on Facebook and other social media networks.


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Favorite Quotes from Ed O’Neill’s

I was once by no means a shaggy dog storyteller. I do not even like jokes, for the most part. I do not like to hear them, and hardly ever can I even bear in mind one.

I cherished the movie theater, so I continually noticed a lot of movies.

Never in my life have I thought, ‘What’s next?’ It’s simply like ‘Finding Dory.’ Things simply happen.

I assume I ‘turn off’ women. I’ve got a type of weird personality. Women can also suppose that I’m a mess.

That’s a huge deal for kids when they come into the kitchen, and the trainer is ingesting espresso with mom. They react in another way on the subsequent day when you say: ‘Sit down and shut up!’

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Ed O’Neill is a profitable American actor who has made a fortune from his career. His current net worth is estimated at $65 million, evident from his houses and lifestyle. He made a step forward with his function in the tv collection on the Fox sitcom “Married… With Children,” which aired from April 1987 to June 1997.

Ed O’Neill stays a beneficent man who uses parts of his fortune to guide charitable businesses and foundations and different courses. He is a hero to many.

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