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Ed Mylett Net Worth



What Is Ed Mylett's Net Worth

Ed Mylett is a prominent entrepreneur, author, podcast host, and life coach who has inspired and impacted millions worldwide.

He is one of the top motivational speakers in the world, and his mission is to empower people to unlock their full potential for life.

Thanks to his expertise in leadership, entrepreneurship, and personal development, Ed Mylett has built streaks of profitable ventures which has given him an enviable net worth.

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What Is Ed Mylett’s Net Worth

As a successful businessman, Ed Mylett has amassed a net worth that is estimated to be around $540 million, and that sets him among some of the wealthiest persons who built an empire through motivational speaking and entrepreneurship.

As one of the foremost speakers in the personal development industry, Ed Mylett commands a strong base of followers online through his podcasts and offline through his books. In this article, we’ll find out who Ed Mylett is, his career, and how he amassed an estimated $540 million in net worth.

Ed Mylett’s Net Worth Growth

Over the last five years, Ed Mylett’s net worth has steadily increased thanks to his streaks of businesses and profitable investments.

With an impressive career in the personal development industry, coupled with his business acumen, it’s not surprising that his net worth has been on the rise over the years.

His tactical combination of being a life coach to millions and also a businessman, are the secrets of his estimated net worth of $540 million. Here’s a breakdown of Ed Mylett’snet worth from 2019 to 2023:

  • Net Worth in 2023 $540 Million
  • Net Worth in 2022 $500 Million
  • Net Worth in 2021 $470 Million
  • Net Worth in 2020 $450 Million
  • Net Worth in 2019 $410 Million

How Did Ed Mylett Get So Rich?

Ed Mylett’s success story began in his early days, working as a fitness trainer, where he honed his skills in discipline, resilience, and goal-setting.

Thanks to his early days in physical fitness, Ed Mylett developed what is known as the “one more” mindset which he applies to his entrepreneurial pursuits.

Ed Mylett’s “one more” mindset encourages individuals to push past perceived limits, by always taking an extra step towards fulfilling personal goals.

Thanks to this mindset which he adopted into his entrepreneurial pursuits and life coaching programs, he has been able to build a successful empire with an estimated $540 million net worth.

The “one more” expert made his money through various businesses, including real estate, marketing, and personal development coaching.

As a renown personal development coach, motivational speaker, author, and podcast host, he has diversified his streams of income in such a way that his net worth is always on the rise.

Ed Mylett has also collaborated with several successful entrepreneurs, including Tony Robbins and Grant Cardone, to share his insight on personal development and business growth.

To a large extent, Ed Mylett’s massive net worth of about $540 million is thanks to him living his passion for helping others.

As an author, Ed Mylett has authored three bestsellers namely; “The Power of One More”, “MaxOut Your Life”, and “Your Key to Freedom,” among others.

He also runs his own investment firm – Mylett Enterprises Inc. that specializes in commercial real estate.

Ed Mylett, who started his journey as a 19 year old telemarketer, has grown into a multimillionaire with no signs of stopping.

This is all thanks to his early understanding and application of the principle that success is derived by having multiple streams of income.

Ed Mylett Biography

Ed Mylett was born on April 27, 1971, in Diamond Bar, California. He came from a humble background with his father being a construction worker and his mother working odd jobs to make ends meet.

After graduating from high school in Diamond Bar, California, Ed Mylett pursued and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication from the Pacific University, Stockton. During his time in college, Ed Mylett played baseball for the NCAA Division 1 Pacific Tigers.

From the onset, Ed Mylett already had a clear vision of “being his own boss”, but he had to start first as telemarketer when he was just 19 years old.

In 1992 after college however, Ed Mylett began his career by joining the WFG – World Financial Group which was a financial planning company in Duluth Georgia.

Over the years, Ed Mylett developed himself as a financial advisor until it was time for him to launch own by himself. He keyed into his passion for personal development and soon began working as a motivational speaker and life coach.

With time, Ed Mylett etched his name in the personal development industry as one of the top speakers, authors, and podcast hosts.

His financial expertise coupled with his personal development passion turned him into a highly sought-after individual all across the globe.


Full Name/Real Name: Ed Mylett
Nick Name/Stage Name: The “One More” Coach
Birth Place: Diamond Bar, California, USA
Birthday: April 27, 1971
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Age(How Old): 52 years old
Weight: 90kg
Height(How Tall): 5’8 feet
Marital Status: Married
Wife/Husband: Kristianna Mylett
Girlfriend: N/A
Parent’s Name: Father: Unknown

Mother: Unknown

Kids/Children Name: Max Mylett (Son)

Bella Mylett (Daughter)

Siblings: 3 Sisters
College: Pacific University, Stockton, California
Profession: Entrepreneur
Social Media Accounts:

Career Highlights and Awards:

Ed Mylett has had an illustrious career as a financial expert, an entrepreneur, a motivational speaker, author, and podcast host.

Like Luis Ruelas, Dan Price, and Riley Roberts,  he has received multiple awards for his work, and is recognized as one of the top figures in the personal development industry.

The start of Ed Mylett’s career can be traced back to 1992 when he joined the World Financial Group (WFG).

There he was able to scale the ranks and become the head marketing director of the company within a few years.

By 2009, Ed Mylett had gone from being the Senior Executive Vice Chairman of WFG to Director of Field Leadership.

Thanks to his leadership and business acumen, Ed Mylett was ultimately inducted into the WFG Millionaire Hall of Fame in his thirties.

One of the most significant moments in Ed Mylett’s career was when he founded his own company – Mylett Enterprises Inc., which was an investment firm for commercial real estate. This fulfilled one of Ed Mylett’s lifelong dreams of diversifying his income through a passive stream.

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Investment and Endorsement:

Sometime in 2007, Ed Mylett founded the Mylett Group which serves as a consulting and coaching firm that empowers individuals and organizations to hit their targets.

He likewise diverted some of his earnings to charities such as the Make A Wish Foundation, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund, and the St Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Besides having multiple streams of income through his businesses, investments, and personal development brand, Ed Mylett is also a big believer in giving back to society.

Personal Life:

Despite his active online and offline presence, Ed Mylett lives a private life with his family. Currently, he has not revealed the names of his parents and siblings.

Ed Mylett’s love interest who became his wife, is Kristianna, and they have been together way before their marriage in 1997. Just like him, Kristianna is also a strong believer in independence and working for yourself.

The power couple have a blissful marriage with two children; a son Max Mylett, and a daughter Bella Mylett.


In terms of assets, Ed Mylett owns three multimillionaire houses. His Laguna Beach House is worth about $30 million, and is said to be one of his favorites.

Ed Mylett also has three private jets and several exotic cars to his name. With all his luxuries, Ed Mylett lives a life free of debt.

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5 FAQs About Ed Mylett

1. How can I access Ed Mylett’s content?

You can check out Ed Mylett’s social media handles for his financial and personal development contents. You can also visit his website – Ed Mylett for direct access to his contents.

2. How old is Ed Mylett’s wife?

Ed Mylett’s wife Kristianna is around 46 years. There’s no precise information about her birthday.

3. Does Ed Mylett run a show?

Yes, Ed Mylett runs his personal show for self-development – The Ed Mylett Show. You can check out his show directly on his website or on Apple, Spotify, and YouTube.

4. What does Ed Mylett do for work?

Ed Mylett is a motivational speaker and a personal development coach. He is also a serial entrepreneur and an author.

5. What are Ed Mylett’s hobbies?

Ed Mylett is a fan of physical fitness. He also loves playing golf in his spare time.

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