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Dom Fenison Net Worth and Age



Dom Fenison Net Worth

Who Is Dom Fenison

Dom Fenison is an LA-based model in contract with DT model management. As a model and a realtor, he is also a public figure who controls many followers on different social media platforms. He was a listing coordinator at Douglas Elliman Real Estate in September 2019.

But mainly, he has been on the trend for dating famous American rapper and TV personality Chanel West Coast.

What is Dom Fenison Net Worth

As of 2023, Dom Fenison has an estimated net worth of $400 thousand. He made money as a realtor and contract worker, including Music City Accommodations. reported that an average realtor in Los Angeles can earn about $92,231 annually.

Moreover, Dom combines both real estate practice and modeling. He worked as a bartender during his college days. This article will provide detailed information you want to know about Dom Fenison, including his biography, career, awards & achievements, personal life, and other essential things you want to know.

Dom Fenison Net Worth Growth

Dom Fenison’s annual income may be a little bit hard to calculate. This is because there is sparingly little or no information about his earnings online. So, we can only calculate his annual payments based on the average pay for the career in the region.

Our research shows that an average real estate agent in Los Angeles makes around $92,231 annually. This is not a definite amount as there may be changes amounting to how well-known the realtor is. So, we assume Dom earns around that amount or higher annually from being a realtor.

On the other hand, Dom’s net worth is also associated with his modeling career. On average, a model in America earns between. $34,500 and $130,000 annually, depending on their endorsement deals and the company they are modeling for.

Dom Fenison’s net worth continues growing annually, maintaining a good rank among other realtors and models in Los Angeles. However, he is not showing any signs of slowing down soon.

Here’s a breakdown of Dom Fenison’s annual net worth:

  • Net worth in 2023: $400, 000
  • Net worth in 2022: $300,000
  • Net worth in 2021: $220,000
  • Net worth in 2020: $200,000
  • Net worth in 2019: $150,000

Don Fenison is a young personality staying strong regarding growing his net worth. He has top-notch real estate experience, contributing excellently to his success.

His net worth growth can be attributed to his increased reputation in the real estate industry. On average, a realtor in Los Angeles can earn about $92,231 annually.

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How Did He Get Rich?

Like models like Garcelle Beauvais and Angelyne, Dom Fenison is a social media person; however, this has contributed little to how he made his money. He began his real estate journey in the long term and was able to save up some money which helped him own valuable property.

Considering his passion for real estate, his net worth brings a prospect growth of 20% annually.

Although his social media accounts have a reasonable number of followers, he generates less income from them, unlike his real estate business. His Instagram account alone has more than 600k followers.

Regarding his passion for social media platforms, Dom Fenison makes a reasonable income from his social media pages. For example, Instagram pays influencers through incentive programs like “Bonuses” for Reels.

Instagram pays about $1,420 for accounts with over a thousand followers. The platform also pays $100 for each sponsored post. Dom Fenison has over 600k followers. Therefore, on average, he can make between $10k and $15k monthly.

He is always working so hard to grow his Instagram followers. So, his Instagram earnings are expected to rise more as time passes.

He also has about 200 subscribers on YouTube, where he posts real estate ads. This platform pays about $600-$1,000 for 100,000k subscribers, so with time, he will start earning from YouTube too.


Dom Fenison was born on September 13, 1992, in Los Angeles, USA. Not much is known about his parents, but we gathered that he has three siblings; Herman Fenison, Michelle Fenison, and Gloria Fenison.

We also gathered that he has a bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Business Management from an online University known as Western Governors University. He has been interested in modeling since he was a kid, and today, he has reached his goals.

Full Name/Real Name Dom Fenison
Nick Name/Stage Name Dom
Birth Place California, United States
Birthday 13 September 1992
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Age(How Old) 37 years
  • In Kilograms – 87Kg
  • In Pounds – 191lbs
Height(How Tall)
  • In Centimetres – 187cm
  • In Feet and Inches – 6 ′ 2″
Marital Status Dating
Wife Chelsea Chanel Dudley (A.K.A Chanel West Coast)
Parent’s Name
Father N/A
Mother N/A
Girlfriend N/A
Kids/Children Name Kiara Talib, Jabril Talib
Brother Herman Fenison
Sister Michelle Fenison and Gloria Fenison
College Western Governors University
Profession Music City Accommodations
Social Media Accounts
Instagram Visit Here
Facebook Visit Here
Twitter Visit Here
Tiktok Visit Here
YouTube Visit Here

Career and Awards

Dom is not in any way as rich or famous as other top models like Alexander Edwards, but he is ruling his world.

Dom Fenison began his professional career working in a real estate firm. So far, he has held several positions and worked for different companies during his career.

He began working with Douglas Elliman Real Estate as a listing coordinator in September 2019. He had worked for the company for more than two years before moving to Los Angeles in 2021.

Dom got stationed in Los Angeles. As time went on, He started his own real estate business in Los Angeles in March 2021 after working for Beverly & Company in Los Angeles, California, gathering a lot of expeovermucthe h fields.

In September 2022, he became the President of Acquisitions at Music City Accommodations, located in Nashville, Tennessee, United States. This position has become a critical turning point in his life.

Dom Fenison Net Worth

Dom Fenison on a modeling shoot

Aside from real estate, Dom currently works with DT Model Management to fulfill the requirements of his contract with a company in Los Angeles.

So, in addition to managing a successful real estate business, he is also a model. So far, he has worked for several business brands, including Givenchy, Giorgio Armani, Riccardo Tisci and Liu Wen and Nike.

Incredibly, the Western Governors University graduate has seen most of his works with these top designers published in different magazines worldwide.

Moreover, Dom has owned a skincare company in the past. However, he still keeps the location to himself. Aside from this, he has started a makeup company.

Apart from working as a realtor, his modeling career has been shaped excellently since joining the industry. In 2021, the experienced realtor was featured in Social Life’s Male Model Monday.

As a model, Dom has a considerable fan base. He currently has 111k followers on Instagram. This large number of followers has made him more popular and has attracted a lot of endorsement deals to him. His fan base is expected to increase in the coming years.

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Achievements and Awards

As of this report’s writing, Dom Fenison has had many achievements in the modeling and real estate sectors. He has been a licensed real estate agent since 2021 with Beverly & Company in Los Angeles, California.

Additionally, he is also the head of acquisitions at Music City Accommodations.

Dom was the cover for GMARCO magazine. He also achieved the same feat for Period magazine in 2020. He also posed for “The Perfect Man.” Dom Fenison was a model for Santiago Bisso some time ago.


Dom Fenison is a popular model who has worked for top brands like Giorgio Armani, Givenchy, and Nike. He is currently signed to DT Model Management, working on several projects.

Personal Life

Dom Fension’s earlier relationships are not open to the public. But according to reports, Dom Fenison has been in the news lately for his involvement with American rapper and media personality Chanel West Coast. The two are said to have been friends for over five years but only came openly to declare that they are dating, in 2022.

Dom Fenison Net Worth

Dom Fension and Channel West Coast on a red carpet

The young couple had a daughter named Bowie Breeze in November 2022. The 6-month-old baby has been seen on Dom’s Instagram page many times as they share lovely father-and-daughter moments.


As a model and realtor, Dom Fenison is sometimes carried away with work but loves luxuries, especially cars. The model has been in love with some of the best car brands among his assets. He does not go around with expensive pieces of jewelry as well.

Some of his car collections include Mercedes-Maybach Exelero, Pagani Zonda HP Barchetta, Rolls-Royce Boat Tail, and Lamborghini Veneno. Undoubtedly, Dom Fenison will have properties to himself as a realtor, but there needs to be more information about this.

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Has Dom Fenison Dated Any Other Celebrity Before?

According to reports, Dom Fenison has been single long before meeting Chanel West Coast. They dated for many years before having a baby.

During this time, no records or reports show that Dom Fenison has dated any other celebrity.

What Descent is Dom Fenison?

Dom Fenison is an American by birth. However, he is of mixed descent, as his parents have different countries of origin.

Dom’s father is from the United States, while his mother is Caucasian, although there is limited information about his parents.

What Sex is Dom Fenison’s Child?

Fans have been curious to know the sex of Dom Fenison’s child. However, Chanel West Coast admitted she’s after a happy and healthy baby.

Chanel West Dudley announced on her Instagram page that she gave birth to a baby girl while admitting it was a scary journey.

Did Dom Fenison Ever Appear In Any Lyric Video?

Yes. Apart from modeling and real estate, Dom Fenison has appeared in different videos. He appeared in Chanel West Dudley’s video “Vinyl.”

However, he is currently paying more attention to his modeling career as a realtor. The realtor was again featured in Hailee Steinfeld’s “Let Me Go” in 2017.

What Does Dom Fenison Love Doing Most?

Although Dom Fenison has not revealed much about his personal life, despite his reservations, findings revealed that he is fond of eating the food he cooks himself.

According to reports, the realtor loves chicken tenders, among other foods.

Is Dom Fenison Married To Chanel West Coast?

Lately, there have been a lot of questions about the relationship between Dom and Chanel. While some people believe that they are married, others argue that they are only dating.

Available reports show that the two youngsters are in a serious relationship that has produced a daughter but are yet to tie the knot. However, we hope they marry soon and raise their daughter as a family.

How Did Dom Fenison Meet Chanel West Coast?

Although Dom and Chanel’s relationship became known to the public in 2022, the two have been close friends for a while now.

In an interview, Fenison stated that they had known each other for, like, five or more but became even closer owing to his appearance in her music video for “Vinyl.”

Who Makes More Money Between Dom Fenison And Chanel West Coast?

Fenison is a realtor and model with an estimated net worth of $400 000, while Chanel is a TV personality and rapper with a net worth of $3 million.

Despite this significant difference in their income size, the two lovers have found something beyond money and assets in each other and are not ready to let go any moment soon.

What Other Businesses Is Dom Fenison Engaged In?

Aside from being a realtor and model, Dom also has a business. Recently, he launched a skincare company. Not much is known about this company for now.

However, we believe that with more exposure on his socials, the brand will be better known. Being a model and influencer, it would be easier to advertise the product.

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