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Desiree Washington Net Worth and Now



Desiree Washington's Net Worth

Desiree Washington is an American model and beauty pageant winner of Miss Rhodes Island. She’s had a financially successful career, which is often overshadowed by the rape case with boxing champion, Mike Tyson.

What Is Desiree Washington Net Worth

Desiree Washington is a professional model and beauty pageant known for being a former Miss Black Rhode Island winner. As of 2023, Desiree Washington’s net worth is estimated to be around $100,000, according to public sources.

While Desiree is a successful model, she’s most popular for being part of one of history’s most infamous celebrity trials in the U.S. where she accused Mike Tyson of rape on 19th July 1991.

This article will dive deeper into Desiree Washington’s career, source of income, personal life, and more. Read on!

Full Name/Real Name:  Desiree Washington
Nick Name/Stage Name:  Desiree Washington
Birth Place:  Coventry, Rhode Island, United States
Birthday:  1973
Zodiac Sign:  Unknown
Age(How Old):  50
Weight:  51 kg
Height(How Tall):  5’5″
Marital Status:  Unknown
Wife/Husband:  Unknown
Girlfriend: N/A
Parent’s Name: Father: Donald Washington

Mother: Mary Belle Silva Washington

Kids/Children Name:  Unknown
Siblings: Brother (s): Don Jr. Washington

Sister (s): Dorrie Washington

College:  Province College
Profession: Model and Beauty Pageant
Social Media Accounts: None

Desiree Washington’s Net Worth Annually

Very little is known about Desiree’s personal and financial life since the Mike Tyson rape lawsuit in 1991. The incident had a severe impact on the famous modem as her siblings experienced hard times and ridicule at school, while her parents split up.

Therefore, Desiree has been private about her yearly earnings, stayed away from public eyes, and kept her financial and personal life private. In other words, there’s no information on Desiree Washington’s annual earnings due to trauma from her tale case.

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How Did Desiree Washington Get Rich?

Desiree Washington’s estimated net worth comes from her modeling and pageantry career, like Yailin La Mas Viral, as their sources of income are what’s available to the public. She began modeling as a child and signed many contracts and endorsements as she gained traction in her career.

As an upcoming model, Desiree appeared in multiple beauty shows and eventually stepped on stage to compete for Miss Rhodes Island and Miss Black America, winning the former. Unfortunately, her career hit a massive decline after the Mike Tyson rape case.

After winning the rape case against Mike Tyson, the boxing champion was required by the court to financially compensate Desiree while serving time in prison. The required amount wasn’t revealed to the public; however, rumors emerged that Tyson paid upwards of $200,000.

Nevertheless, it’s worth mentioning that despite being less than 18, Desiree had opened businesses, capitalized on opportunities, signed contracts, and negotiated a bigger salary. Although the amounts earned from three income sources are unknown, they are noteworthy contributors to her estimated net worth.

Career and Awards

As previously mentioned, very little is known about Desiree Washington as her career took a steep dive after the lawsuit against Mike Tyson. This drastic decline was due to the heavy backlash the public and fans of Mike Tyson gave to Desiree, claiming the accusations were false.

Nevertheless, in the few years she worked as a model and beauty pageant, Desiree appeared in multiple shoes and events. One of her most noteworthy appearances is contesting for the Miss Black America in 1991 and winning the Miss Rhodes Island beauty contest.

However, since 1991, there’s no additional information on Desiree Washington’s career as a model, beauty pageant, or anything else. This factor is consistent with the model’s desire to live a private and secluded life.

Early Life

Desiree Washington was born in 1973 and hasn’t revealed the month or day; nevertheless, she was born in Coventry, Rhode Island, in the United States. During her early years, Desiree attended Coventry High School, graduating with honors.

She expressed her interest in sports by being a varsity cheerleader at her school and eventually becoming a member of the school’s championship softball team. The talented model also offered to teach subjects to students at Sunday school, showing the grace that accompanied her beauty.

During her senior year, Desiree was offered to serve as a goodwill ambassador in Moscow. She was also the only black student among 34 across the country.

Later, Desiree enrolled at Province College and majored in psychology, which she considered being in line with her dreams of being a politician or successful attorney, like Linda Tripp. During these years, Desiree competed in the Miss Black America Pageant in 1991, which was followed by the Mike Tyson rape lawsuit.

Nevertheless, she’s the daughter of Donald Washington, who works as a Bookkeeper in the motel industry, and Mary Belle Silva Washington, who works as a personnel specialist.

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Personal Life

Very little is known about Desiree’s personal life except that her parents split shortly after the rape allegations began. While she’s 50 years old as of 2023, there’s no information on whether she is married, has a divorce, has children, or started a new career.

Desiree has deliberately avoided the press and all forms of social media as she’s dealing with trauma and anxiety generated by the backlash from the public and Mike Tyson supporters.

Desiree Washington Now

While Desiree Washington is a professional model and beauty pageant known for being a former Miss Black Rhode Island winner, she’s regarded today as the Mike Tyson rape victim. 

Unfortunately, the court case took a massive toll on Desiree Washington’s modelling career as she received backlash from outrageous Mike Tyson fans. Desiree spoke to Barbara Walters on ABC’s ’20/20′, narrating her unfortunate rape situation. 

In 1995, Desiree’s former boyfriend gave an affidavit accusing her of falsely claiming he raped her at 16 despite having consensual sex. Desiree denied the accusation but it further diminished her credibility and career. 

In 1995, Desiree was reported to be living in a working-class neighborhood in East Providence, Rhode, which contrasted her former lifestyle.

Irs also worth noting that Desiree was a senior psychology major student at Providence College, expecting to graduate May of 1995. However, no confirmation exists of her graduation. 

She was also reported to be in a serious relationship which ended after the boy’s family found her identity. Currently, Desiree prefers to stay away from public attention with little know about her. 

There are some reports of Desiree being a teacher now but these claims are unsubstantiated and should be taken lightly.


Is Desiree Washington Related To Denzel Washington?

No. Despite having the same last name and being popular figures, Denzel and Desiree aren’t related. According to public sources, Desiree has two siblings named Don Jr. Washington and Dorrie Washington.

How Much Did Desiree Receive From Mike Tyson?

After being found guilty in 1992, the court instructed Mike Tyson to pay damages to Desiree while also spending 6 years in prison. While the specified amount was never revealed, rumors emerged that the boxer paid upwards of $200,000.

Where Is Desiree Washington Today?

The famous model rose to fame in her teenage years competing in beauty competitions and coming out on top. However, Desiree prefers to live a quiet and private life away from the press and social media since the tale’s allegations traumatized her and damaged her career.

Did Desiree Washington Pass Away?

The former Miss Rhodes Island beauty contest winner, Desiree Washington is still alive with no information hinting at her demise. This public figure shouldn’t be confused with Desiree Elizabeth Washington, born in Kanawha County, West Virginia, and passed away at 83.

Is Desiree Washington On Instagram Or Twitter?

Despite winning the rape case against boxing legend Mike Tyson, Desiree Washington’s received severe backlash from the public, thereby damaging her career and self-esteem. The aftermath of her rape battle made Desiree opt if a private life away from public eyes, meaning she’s far away from Instagram or Twitter.

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