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David Byrne Net Worth



David Byrne Net Worth

Net Worth: 70 Million USD
Age: 70 years
Legal Name: David Byrne
Stage Name David Byrne
Gender: Male
Religion N/A
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Height: 6’0″ (183 cm)
Hair Color: Grey
Eye Color: Black
Sexuality: Straight
Weight: 75kg (165 lbs)
Date of Birth 14th May 1952
Place of Birth Dumbarton, Scotland
Citizenship United States, United Kingdom
Source of Wealth: Music, Songwriting, Acting and Producing
Year Active 1971 – present
City: Los Angeles
Father; Mother: Tom Byrne; Emma Byrne
Spouse Adele Lutz (1987 – 2004)
Children: Malu Abeni Valentine Byrne, born in 1989
Siblings Celia Byrne
Famous For: Playing a front-man role in the famous American Art-rock group, Talking Head. He is also widely known for his eclectic solo career.
Social Media Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

David Byrne Net Worth, Biography, Age, Height, Wife, Income and many more details can be checked on this page. David Byrne is a Scottish-American musician, songwriter, producer, and singer. He is widely known for being one of the founding members and playing a leadership role in Talking heads, a legendary American Art-rock band active between 1975 and 1991.

What Is David Byrne’s Net Worth

David Byrne is currently worth roughly $70 million. He accumulated over $18 million during his talking heads day. What’s more about David Byrne? Read on to find out!

Earning Overview

David Byrne is one of the world’s best singers and songwriters. His net worth is currently estimated at 70 million US dollars.

He accrued a substantial amount of money during his Talking Head days. He earned more than $18 million while the band still existed.

He’s had an excellent career even after Talking head went on Hiatus. Over the last 20 years, he has accumulated more than $20 million. He has received almost $2 million in royalties from his works since the talking head days.

David Byrne also earns from various platforms. For instance, he also has over 165k subscribers on YouTube.

He surely earns from advertisements and promotions on his channels and pages. He also has about 611.5k monthly listeners on Spotify.

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Early Life

David Byrne was born in Dumbarton, Scotland, on the 14th of May, 1952. His parents were Tom and Emma, and Byrne. His mother was a presbyterian, while his father was a Catholic. He is the eldest of 2 children.

His parents moved from Scotland to Canada two years after he was born. His parents’ mixed marriage (Catholic and Presbyterian) was a significant reason for their departure. However, that wasn’t the only. His father had also found a job opportunity in Canada

His parents also moved from Canada to Maryland in the United States when he was about nine.

After moving from the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, David Byrne was schooled in Baltimore and briefly joined the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA). At MICA, Byrne pursued studies in video production, performance, and photography.

David confirmed that he initially spoke with a Scottish accent. However, he adopted the American accent so that he could blend with other kids at school

David has had an incredible passion for music right from his early life. He had learned how to play the Violin, Keyboard and Accordion before he entered high school.

His father was a significant part of his success. He would use his electrical engineering skills to help David modify a reel-to-reel tape recorder to make a multitrack recording.


David Byrne attended Lansdowne High School in southwest Baltimore county. While he was still in high school, he began his musical career.

He started a band with Marc Kehoe and named the band ‘Revelation’. Their activities mainly involved songs, including ‘Dancing on the Ceiling’, ‘96 tears’, ‘Frank Sinatra’, and ‘April Shower’ songs.

He attended the Rhode Island School of Design and Maryland Institute College of Art between 1970 and 1972 before he dropped out of the latter.

He returned to Providence County in Rhode Island and formed another band with Chris Frantz, a co-RISD student. But the band was dissolved in 1974, and they both started working day jobs.

However, in early 1975, David and Chris restarted the band with a new member, Tina Weymouth. They named the band Talking Heads. They got their first gig in June of the same year.

David resigned from his day job in May 1976. The band signed with Sire Records in the same year. In 1977, the band recruited Jerry Harrison, a Multi-instrumentalist who previously played for the Modern Lovers.

The bank became a great success. They released eight albums, of which 2 achieved a double-platinum status (2 million sales) and four others reached the gold status (500k sales).

The band went into a break in 1988 but was officially released in 1991, after which David decided to go solo.

David Byrne released Rei Momo in 1989, his first album after the group was disbanded. His subsequent albums include Uh-Oh (1992), David Byrne (1994), the emotional Feelings (1997), Look into the Eyeball (2001), Grown Backwards (2004), and Everything That Happens Will Happen Today (2008), among others.


Currently, David Byrne doesn’t have any known ambassadorial deal with any company.

However, in his career, David Byrne has endorsed a few businesses and firms.

Byrne supports TED Talks. In addition, he has spoken at TED conferences as well. In 2010, he discussed the influence of architecture on music at the Summit.

Furthermore, Byrne promotes several musicians as he owns a record label.

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  • David Byrne has been nominated for and won so many awards, some of which include:
  • Oscar winner – 1988
  • Prime Emmy awards nominee – 2021
  • BAFTA  film awards nominee – 1989
  • BMI cable award winner – 2008
  • Cinema Eye Honors award winner – 2017
  • David di Donatello awards winner – 2012
  • Grammy award:
    1. Winner – 1989
    2. Nominee – 2022, 2021, 2019, 2010, 1989, 1984

Life Lessons From David Byrne

Once, in David Byrne’s high school, he was not allowed to join the school’s choir because their music teacher said he was singing “off-key and too withdrawn“.

At such a young age, that was enough to make him think he wasn’t good at music and stop singing. However, this didn’t discourage him.

Alas! Look where he is today.

Even when he was older and better at singing, he faced a shortage of instrumentalists and team members. However, this didn’t stop him.

He kept working, and it paid off for him.

His life has taught us that we can achieve anything through hard work and not giving up.

David Byrne’s Personal Life

David Byrne has been a resident and citizen of the United States since childhood. However, that changed in 2012 when he attained dual citizenship in the United Kingdom and the United States. His mother, Emma, passed away in June 2014, and his father, Thomas, died in October 2019.

During an interview with the Evening Standard, David confirmed that he had lived in the United States for most of his life, but he has a Scottish origin.

He expressed his desire for Scotland to remain a part of the  United Kingdom by partaking in the vote, confirming his Scottish origin.

David Byrne believes he has a unique kind of autism, which allows him to be very focused, helping his creativity. However, his claims have not been medically confirmed.

He also said in one of his interviews that music provides an avenue for him to communicate with the world – something he thinks he can’t do due to his disorder.


David met with his former partner, Adele Lutz when he visited Japan in 1987. They had a child together in 1989 named Malu Abeni Valentine Byrne.

Malu revealed during an interview in 2016 that the ‘Abeni’ in her name is Nigerian, and it means ‘we asked for her, and she came to us.” She further added that her parents had a hard time having her, which calls for the name.

Lutz and David divorced in 2004.

Lutz wasn’t David Byrne’s first relationship. He dated Toni Basil in 1981 and Twyla Tharp between 1981 and 1982. After he and Lutz were divorced, he became involved with Louise Neri, an art curator and Cindy Sherman, who is also an artist, between 2007 and 2011.

David Byrne’s Lifestyle

What car does David Byrne drive?

David Byrne has a few cars in his collection.

He’s been spotted driving a Mercedes Benz R107, which cost tens of thousands of dollars. He also rides a Citroen DS when he’s in Los Angeles.

He prefers to cycle when he’s in New York. David claims he has been riding since his high school days.

David Byrne’s houses

David acquired a Toluca Lake mansion in 2021 at $5.445 million. The mansion has five bedrooms, three car garage, seven bathrooms, a motor court, a pool, a tennis court, a guest house and so on.

David does not talk about his cars and houses. However, considering his wealth, he might have many other unrevealed properties.

David Byrne invests a lot in his record label. He created Luaka Bop, a widely known music record label, in 1990.

He also invests in movies since he’s a filmmaker. He also owns an online radio station, which he named Radio David Byrne. He started the station in 2005.

He also has a collection of cars and houses and likes exploring new places.

David Byrne’s in Charity

David Byrne also gives back to the community through his charity foundation.

He founded a non-profit charity organization called ‘the Arbutus Foundation’ with the primary aim of inspiring and educating more people worldwide.

David Byrne is a kind person who has dedicated his life to helping others.

In August 2009, Byrne donated the proceeds from the auction of his Montague folding bike to the London Cycling Campaign.

David and Sakamoto redrew attention to and collected funds for kids affected by the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami by re-recording their 1994 song “Psychedelic Afternoon.”

Similarly, Byrne has contributed songs to the five AIDS charity compilation albums released by the Red Hot Organization.

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David Byrne is an American and British songwriter, singer, producer, filmmaker, record label owner and philanthropist.

He has imparted so many lives through his music and charity, right from his talking head days.

He is a one-time grammy winner and a many-time nominee. He has also been nominated for and won several awards, including the Cinema Eye Honor awards and BAFTA film awards.

Today, David Byrne is still causing waves in the music and filmmaking industry. He is indeed one of the most iconic singers and songwriters that ever existed.

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