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Is David Banda Gay? Madonna’s Son



David Banda is the adopted son of legendary pop artiste Madonna. David is originally from Malawi in Africa. He was born in 2005 but unfortunately his mother died at the time of giving birth to him.

So, his father, Yohane handed him to the ‘Home Of Hope’ orphanage from where he was eventually adopted by Madonna and her then-husband, Guy Ritchie.

The  adoption process was a lengthy and controversial process that received widespread media attention as many opined that Madonna was just adopting him for attention.

However David has grown up to be loved so much by Madonna. He often accompanies her to tours and public appearances.

At his tender age, David displayed a keen interest in music and dance, sharing the stage with his mother and showcasing his talents in traditional Malawian dances. David plays football too.

Madonna has expressed her commitment to nurturing David’s artistic endeavors and inspiring him to pursue his passions.

Is David Banda Gay? No he is not. There may be some incidents that have made people think that David is gay but he definitely isn’t, not as known yet.

David Banda’s Gay Rumors

David and his mom, Madonna

David and his mom, Madonna

Being the adopted son of a pro singer like Madonna definitely makes you a celebrity. And one thing that goes side by side with being a celebrity is rumors, especially ones pertaining to sexuality.

David Banda’s sexual orientation has come under scrutiny due to his distinctive style of dressing. Embracing a love for self-expression through attire, he consistently opts for feminine clothing.

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An instance that garnered attention was when Madonna, his mother, shared a video on Facebook featuring him confidently adorned in a silk dress, further fueling discussions about his fashion choices and sparking conversations about breaking gender norms in clothing.

Also a video of his 18th birthday posted on Instagram shows what seemed to be gay teenagers in the background as they partied.

Is David Banda Gay?

David Banda

David Banda

No, David Banda is not gay. The rumors are understandable but that doesn’t overrule the fact. The 18 year old adopted son of Madonna has not come out gay and that makes him not gay until proven otherwise.

The speculations arising from his choice of outfits are mere misinterpretations as everyone has the right to how they dress. Liking feminine clothing doesn’t make anyone gay as there are many people out there who are straight but prefer to dress like the opposite gender.

David is also single at the moment but that is not an indication that he is gay. He is still young with a lot of potentials. So he is probably taking his time and we believe that at the right time, he’s going to unveil his girlfriend to the public.


David Banda, Madonna’s adopted son, has faced rumors about his sexual orientation, fueled by his distinctive fashion choices. Embracing a love for self-expression through feminine attire, he has been scrutinized for breaking gender norms.

Despite speculations, David Banda has not come out as gay, emphasizing that his fashion choices are a form of self-expression and not indicative of his sexual orientation.

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The 18-year-old remains single, but this does not confirm any specific orientation, as he is likely taking his time to focus on his potential and may reveal his relationship status in the future.

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