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Claudia Oshry Net Worth, Age, Weight Loss, Wedding, Husband & Cancelation



Claudia Oshry

Claudia Oshry, widely recognized by her internet alias Girl With No Job, is a social media personality who transformed her online clout into a significant net worth.

As a comedian and podcast host, her candid revelations about personal experiences, including weight loss and her wedding, have resonated with many.

Born and raised in New York City, she has utilized the vibrant backdrop of the metropolis to carve out a niche for herself in the digital world.

The day she faced widespread public scrutiny, commonly referred to as being “canceled”, marked a pivotal point in Oshry’s career. The incident led to the loss of sponsorships and forced a reassessment of her online persona.

However, her resilience has been noteworthy as she openly discusses the trials and consequences of that period. The daughter of Pamela Geller and Michael Oshry, Claudia’s familial connections and personal life, including details about her husband, have often been intertwined with her public narrative, adding layers to her public persona.

Delving into the world of internet fame, Claudia Oshry’s story is a testament to the power and perils of social media influence. Her experiences raise questions about online culture, the permanence of digital footprints, and the complex dynamics between personal and public life in the age of Instagram.

As she continues to navigate her career, her journey offers insights into the evolving landscape of social media stardom.

Professional Life

Claudia Oshry’s professional journey has been marked by a rapid rise to fame, driven by a strong presence on social media platforms and entrepreneurial ventures. Despite her successes, she has faced significant backlash and controversies that have impacted her career.

Rise to Fame

Claudia Oshry first gained prominence as the creator behind the popular Instagram account, GirlWithNoJob. Her content, often consisting of viral memes and humorous commentary on everyday life, resonated with a large audience, earning her millions of followers across social media channels like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Oshry’s relatable persona and sharp wit propelled her to become an influential Instagram Star, leveraging her online popularity to build a robust digital brand.

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Business Ventures

Beyond social media, Oshry expanded her reach by launching a daily podcast, “The Morning Toast,” alongside her sister Jackie Oshry. The podcast quickly built a dedicated listenership, keen on the sisters’ takes on pop culture and current events.

Furthering her brand, she authored a book and developed a companion app, both of which aimed to engage her audience in new ways. Her educational background in Media, Culture, and Communication from New York University provided a foundation for her various media-related ventures, demonstrating a strategic approach to building an integrated digital presence.

Claudia Oshry’s Health and Weight Loss Journey

Claudia Oshry, known for her popular online alias “Girl With No Job” and as co-host of “The Toast Podcast” with her sister Jackie Oshry, embarked on a weight loss journey that has been both public and inspirational to her audience. She navigated the intricacies of weight loss while also addressing the influence of diabetes medication on her overall health management.

Claudia Oshry’s transformation in her weight loss journey has been notable. She was open about her utilization of weight loss shots, which garnered attention due to the increasing popularity of these treatments. As an influencer, Oshry has been transparent, revealing not just her successes but also her struggles and the measures she took to achieve her health goals.

Key components of her strategy included changes to diet and exercise, but it was her usage of FDA-approved medications like Ozempic, also known as semaglutide, Wegovy, and Mounjaro (or tirzepatide), which significantly contributed to her weight loss. These medications are typically prescribed for managing type 2 diabetes but have also been observed to assist in weight loss efforts.

Influence of Diabetes on Weight Management

The intersection of weight loss and diabetes management has become an important topic in public health. While Claudia Oshry does not have diabetes, the drugs she took, such as Ozempic and Wegovy, were originally developed as diabetes drugs that help control blood sugar. Their effect on weight management is linked to the way they regulate blood sugar and promote a feeling of fullness.

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Understanding the connection between weight loss and blood sugar control is critical, especially for those with type 2 diabetes. Medicines like Ozempic and Wegovy are part of a class of drugs that act by mimicking a hormone called GLP-1, which helps the pancreas produce more insulin when needed. Besides their blood sugar-lowering effects, they slow down food leaving the stomach, which can lead to weight loss.

In her podcast “The Toast,” Claudia often touches on the importance of addressing health holistically, combining medical intervention with lifestyle changes. Her journey offers an example of how influencers can contribute to a greater conversation about the complex relationship between health, medication, and personal well-being.

Controversies and Cancellation

Despite a successful career in media, Claudia Oshry’s professional life has not been without scandal. She found herself at the center of a major controversy when a Daily Beast article highlighted past anti-Muslim tweets and revealed her mother was a well-known political activist, Pamela Geller.

These revelations led to significant backlash, causing cancellation calls from parts of the online community and the swift loss of some partnerships and sponsorships.

This episode served as a sobering reminder of the potential repercussions of past actions, particularly in a world where social media can both build and dismantle public figures overnight.

Personal Life

Highlighting the facets of personal life for Claudia Oshry, we delve into her background, her matrimonial journey, and an overview of her net worth. Readers gain insight into her family ties, marital status, and fiscal accomplishments.


Claudia Oshry is known as a social media personality and creator of the popular online brand “GirlWithNoJob.” Born and raised in New York to parents Pamela Geller, an activist and political commentator, and Michael Oshry, Claudia has made a name for herself in the world of pop culture and Instagram fame. While her exact age is often kept private, various sources place her in her mid-20s.

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Claudia Oshry Wedding: Inside the Social Media Star’s Nuptials

Wedding Details

Claudia Oshry, an influencer with a substantial following, celebrated her nuptials with husband Ben Soffer in a ceremony that blended traditional aspects with modern flair. Their special day was encapsulated through meticulous venue selection, a carefully curated bridal look, evocative photography, and vibrant reception festivities.

The Venue and Theme

The wedding took place at Angel Orensanz, a breathtaking venue in Manhattan, which provided the perfect backdrop for a New York City Wedding. The space resonated with a historical charm, accented by Birch Event Design which elevated the ambiance with elegant decor that wove in traditional Hebrew elements.

Bridal Attire and Styling

Claudia Oshry wore a remarkable lace gown with long sleeves, reportedly a custom dress by the renowned designer Vera Wang. The dramatic veil she chose complemented the attire, and it all came together for a bridal look of timeless elegance. This was the result of an arduous process including a fitting that began nine months prior to the wedding.

Photography and Moments Captured

Claudia Oshry WeddingAnthony Vazquez Photography documented the wedding, capturing every significant moment, from the exchange of heartfelt vows during the wedding ceremony to the candid joy in the engagement session. These photographs are a testament to the joy and love shared on that special day.

Reception and Entertainment

The reception was a spirited affair with music provided by Element Music, encouraging lively dancing and celebration among guests. Selfies and shared moments populated social media, courtesy of the many followers present, creating a buzz of shared happiness beyond the venue.

Claudia Oshry Net Worth

Rumblings of Claudia’s net worth swirl in the echelons of social media stardom; however, her financial details are often under wraps.

After rising to fame and subsequently facing a public scandal which resulted in her being fired from previous engagements, Claudia has maintained a presence in the digital world that suggests a recovery and sustenance of her brand value.

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