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Chase Morrill Children

Chase Morrill has become a well-known figure in the realm of home renovation, especially for his work on the DIY Network show “Maine Cabin Masters.” Born on December 25, 1977, in Augusta, Maine, Chase entered the limelight as a reality TV personality who specializes in refurbishing classic Maine properties. His craftsmanship and charming on-screen presence have garnered a dedicated following eager to learn more about his personal and professional life.

Standing at a height that complements his presence, Chase’s physical statistics including weight are often overshadowed by his skillful transformations of rustic cabins. Meanwhile, his age reflects a maturity and an experience which he brings to each of his projects. Alongside his professional endeavors, he is a family man who values his relationships with his wife and children, details of which he occasionally shares with his audience.

Chase’s career trajectory took an interesting turn as he made the leap from a career in home renovations to becoming a reality television star. His journey is marked by years of hard work and passion for preserving the unique charm of Maine’s architecture. His bio cannot be separated from the state of Maine itself, as it is the canvas on which he practices his craft, contributing to the local culture and heritage with each cabin he restores.

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Chase Morrill: Personal Life and Family

Within the fabric of Chase Morrill’s life are the vibrant threads that compose his personal and family narrative. This section illuminates the Maine Cabin Master’s roots in Augusta, Maine, his cherished family life with Sarah Morrill and their children, and the personal pursuits that complement his professional endeavors.

Early Life and Background

Chase Morrill was born on December 25, 1977, in Augusta, Maine, United States. He is the sibling of Ashley Morrill and the son of Eric Morrill. Growing up, Chase was guided by his sister Ashley, who is also involved in the home renovation business with her husband, Ryan Eldridge. The Morrill family has deep roots in Maine, which is reflected in Chase’s commitment to restoring Maine’s charming cabins.

Marriage and Children

Chase Morrill is blissfully married to Sarah Morrill, a registered nurse with the Maine Primary Care Association. Their partnership started on August 13, 2005, and has flourished over the years to include four children: daughters Maggie, Nori, Eva, and son Fletcher Morrill. Maggie, born on July 15, 2006, is the oldest of the Morrill offspring and is actively engaged in sports events, carrying forward the family’s penchant for outdoor activities.

Personal Interests

Apart from his family and career, Chase harbors a rich variety of hobbies and interests. He is an enthusiastic adventurer, cherishing time spent in nature, which often informs his professional life. The balance between work and play is evident in Morrill’s Instagram presence, as he often shares snippets of his personal interests and family moments, providing a glimpse into the man behind the on-screen persona.

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Professional Endeavors

Chase Morrill is widely recognized for his work on the reality TV show “Maine Cabin Masters” and his business acumen in the construction industry centered around Maine’s rustic charm.

Maine Cabin Masters and TV Career

Chase Morrill stepped into the spotlight with his hit TV series, Maine Cabin Masters, which airs on the Magnolia Network, originally on the DIY Network. In the show, Morrill, alongside his team including his sister Ashley Morrill Eldridge, and team members such as Ryan Eldridge, Jared Baker, and Matt Dix, takes on the task of renovating dilapidated cabins across Maine. Their work showcases a blend of traditional and modern craftsmanship, always emphasizing the natural beauty and historical integrity of each location.

Business Ventures and Craftsmanship

As a skilled builder and contractor, Morrill co-founded Kennebec Cabin Company (KCC), located in Manchester, Maine, which serves as the headquarters for the “Cabin Masters.” The company embodies the intersection of quality construction services and Maine’s rich tradition of cabin building. Morrill’s skill as a craftsman is not only demonstrated through his television projects but also in the services provided by KCC, with an emphasis on custom renovation plans imbued with local character.

Public Presence and Networking

Chase Morrill has successfully leveraged social media and television to grow his brand and connect with his audience. Through platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, he provides fans with updates on his projects and a glimpse into his family life, including shared moments with his daughter. His public presence is characterized by authenticity, as he often shares behind-the-scenes views of his work and crew, strengthening his connection with fans.

Educational Background

Morrill’s knowledge in construction and renovation is partly attributed to his academic background, where he earned a bachelor’s degree from the College of Atlantic in Bar Harbor, Maine. This education provided a foundation for his understanding of design and sustainability which is visible throughout his career. Morrill’s educational undertakings equipped him with the methodologies he applies to homemade renovations and has been critical to his success as a builder in the distinctive landscape of Maine.

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