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Bre Z Net Worth



Bre Z Net Worth

Net Worth $4 million
Full Name Calesha Murray
Age 36 years
Born July 22 1987
Gender Female
Country of Origin United States America
Source of Wealth Actress, rapper, entrepreneur

What Is Bre Z’s Net Worth

Calesha Murray also known as Bre Z is one of the best actresses in the industry. You may have seen her acting as Freda Gatz in Empire. She is also a rapper who worked as a hairdresser for Akon and Ludacris.

Bre Z has done so much in the showbiz industry to the point she has grown her fortune to $4 million. Being an actress and rapper has done has helped her to get more money. She is still an entrepreneur owning a cloth line and making more money for herself.

We help you learn more about BreZ in this guide. We look at how she got the name Bre-Z, what she has been up to lately, and why it might be a good idea listening to more of her music.

Family and Education

Bre Z was born on July 22 1987, in Wilmington, Delaware. This is where she had her upbringing until she decided to move to LA to pursue her career.

The funny bit is how she got her name Bre Z. She claims her grandmother called her Breezy because she would not stop crying until the window was closed. Actually, she only discovered her name was not Breezy when she joined the elementary school.

Bre Z graduated from high school in 2005 and studied at the Full Sail University Florida Winter Park campus.

She was interested in cutting hair at such a young age. She fully got into doing it in 2008. This made her move to Atlanta, where her mother was based.

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Career Highlights & Achievements

Bre Z has done many things in her life to get to where she is right now. Getting to a net worth of around $4 million requires some work to be done.

We largely know her as an actress. Bre has quite a fortune from her acting career. The most notable would be playing Tamia Cooper in the show All American. We expect to keep seeing her on our screen because she is quite good at what she does.

She still made big moves by acting as Freda Gatz in the TV show Empire. She has been a favorite for more people since she appeared in the show in 2015. As much as she did not appear in the fourth and fifth seasons, she still guest-starred in the final season.

Bre-Z had other acting credits such as;

  • BET’s anthology series Tales in 2017
  • The New Edition Story (2-17)
  • Fat Camp (2017)
  • Down for Whatever (2018)
  • 16 Bars (2020)
  • True to the Game 2(2020)

Other than her acting career; she is also a rapper. Being in the music scene allows her to earn from album sales, royalties from streaming music websites, and songwriting fees.

Bre Z recorded her first song through Freeway of Roc-A-Fella records when she was just 15 years. She continued to work on her music until she was 24, when she moved to LA to pursue music full-time. It did not take long before she was writing songs with The Game, Jeniffer Lopez, and Dr. Dre.

Bre Z has a number of albums, but the most recent is Full Circle she dropped in 2020. So, if you want to listen to more of her music, you can always check out YouTube and other streaming websites.

Bre Z has also worked as a barber. This was among some of the first jobs she ever did. She often claims that she started cutting hair at 10. It is not surprising because she comes from a long line of barbers.

She has worked as a professional hairdresser since age 21. She worked with celebrities such as Ludacris and Akon.

When she is not making music or movies, she is also into making her own merchandise. Her merchandise is called GRLY. She mostly sells clothing collections, including sweatpants, hoodies, and caps. They are averagely priced, so you should generally get a nice outfit from her line.

Personal Life

Bre Z does a good job of keeping her personal life private. She once stated in an interview that she likes keeping her romantic life away from social media. She feels there are some things a person should just be able to keep them from the public.

We see her as an energetic person who loves to have fun. Currently, she lives in California, LA. She has shared more than one time that her favorite movie is Juice.

One person she has not managed to hide from us is her girlfriend Chris Amor. We often see her sharing their photos together with lots of comments following later on. Considering she has over 800K followers on Instagram, expect many more people to have something to say.

As fans, we are curious about her marriage. This is considering that BreZ proposed to her girlfriend in 2021. It is often expected that once the proposal is made, the wedding will follow soon after.

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Quick Facts About Bre-Z

  • Before being on TV, she worked as a barber. She would still practice her rapping career but not as prominent as she does now.
  • All her family members are in the hair-cutting business. This includes her father, grandfather, and mother.
  • Her debut in Empire TV show made it possible to get more roles in other TV shows and movies
  • She got the name Bre-Z from her grandmother. She only knew her real name when joining the elementary school.
  • Her interview with UpComing Hiphop shows that her music tastes cut across different genres even though she is a rapper.


BreZ is wildly known for her role in the TV show Empire. She has also appeared in many other movies and TV shows. This has been good to help in improving her net worth. She has a net worth of $ 4 million and is still growing. She also works hard in building her clothing line, which has been doing well so far.

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