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Big Boi Age, Height, Net Worth, Wife, Family, and Wiki Bio



Big Boi

Big Boi is an American rapper and record producer who is well known as a member of Outkast – the southern hip hop, together with André 3000. He rose in fame when he debuted as a solo artist with his first album Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty, in 2010. The album topped the music charts and gained nominations from some of the well-known music awards.

With his love of music, he was one of the favorite featured artists of his fellow producer. His great taste in music and lyrics separates him from others, marking his own style as an artist. Aside from that, he had some collaborations in theater, one of them being Cannon’s Wild ‘n Out and Hollywood movies. This proves his compassion to pursue different careers while music played along the way.

Working his music career, Big Boi has an estimated net worth of $35 million. His wealth comes from his hard work in producing and creating songs. Given that he is the so-called best American rapper, he opens the opportunity to acquire his properties in Atlanta.

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Big Boi Wiki/Biography

Young Big Boi

Young Big Boi

Antwan André Patton, aka “Big Boi,” was born on February 1, 1975. His parents are Tony Kearse and Rowena Patton. He spent his early childhood in Savanna, then later accompanied by her aunt, Renne, as they moved to Atlanta. From there, he started having a passion for music. He studied at Tri-Cities High School, a magnet school for Visual and Performing Arts.

Big Boi and Rowena Patton

Big Boi and Rowena Patton

In that same school, he met André Lauren Benjamin, better known as “André 3000,” who later on became his partner in forming the duo “Outkast.” They release several songs in different genres like jazz, techno, and punk as they aim to expand hip-hop into other areas.

Andre’ Lauren and Big Boi

Andre’ Lauren and Big Boi

They have successfully produced songs and released two solo albums under their label name, Outkast. Big Boi released his Speakerboxxx while Andre’ 3000 is The Love Below. The album was packaged together and released in 2003. In 2010, he finally released a solo debut entitled Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty.

Full Name/Real Name Antwan André Patton
Nickname/Stage Name Big Boi
Birthday February 1, 1975
Birth Place Savannah, Georgia
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Net Worth $35 million
Age (How Old) 48 years old
Weight 198.5 lbs
Height 167.5 cm
Currently Live In Atlanta
Debut Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty (2010)
Nationality American
Religion Christian
Ethnicity Black
Profession Rapper and Producer
Social Media Accounts Instagram: @BigBoi


He continued to release follow-up albums; Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors in 2012 and Boomiverse in 2017. Most of his creations did impressive reviews in the music industries and landed him to be featured in some of the well-known tv and movie shows like Little Dragon, Games of Thrones Season Four, and a Super Bowl gig in 2019 together with Travis Scott and Maroon 5.

The rapper also pursued an acting career in various Hollywood films like Idlewild, ATL, and Who’s Your Youngest? He was also featured on the theater stage in 2008 as a guest in the Nick Cannon Wild N’Out Season 3 and 5.

Big Boi in the film Idlewild

Big Boi in the film Idlewild

Wife, Children, and Relationship

Early in 2000, there was speculation that Big Boi had a relationship with an American author of the Vixen series book Karrine Steffans. Gossip claims the relationship leads to an early breakup in the same year.

Karrine Steffan

Karrine Steffan

Then Big Boi met Sherlita Patton and married her in 2002. She is one of the founders of Valentine – a known clothing brand in Atlanta. They have two children, Jordan and Cross, and another son Bamboo from Big Boi’s previous relationship.

Big Boi and Sherlita Patton with their children

Big Boi and Sherlita Patton with their children

Their married life fell into the rock in 2012 due to some issues involving Big Boi and Andre’ 3000. His wife filed a divorce and asked for custody and financial support for her children. Sherlita declares that her relationship with Big Boi is totally broken.

Big Boi and Sherlita her wife attended the Beta Award

Big Boi and Sherlita her wife attended the Beta Award

But two years later, the two decided to reconcile and signed a postnuptial agreement to split up their assets and debts. In 2014, they became in a good relationship again, saving the family’s affairs.

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Father Name Tony Kearse (Served in the Marine Corps) (Died in 2004)
Mother Name Rowena Patton
Brother Name James Patton, Marcus Patton and Jason Patton
Sister Name
Girlfriend Sherlita Patton (Wife)

Karrine Steffan (Rumored Girlfriend)

Marital Status Married
Wife Name Sherlita Patton
Children Kenneth, Mary, Paula, Sarita, and Paul Jr. Williams. (Mary)

Paul Williams Lucas, Anthony Johnson, and Derrick Vinyard (Three unnamed girlfriends)

Physical Appearance

Big Boi Puts on a Show at Pure Nightclub (2012)

Big Boi Puts on a Show at Pure Nightclub (2012)

Big Boi is a decent Black American from Savannah, Georgia. He has dark brown eyes and black hair and often sports a goatee. His body is an endomorph with a little bit of masculinity and a height of an average American. At the same time, his style features flashy and chunky jewelry, shades, and a rapper cap.

He got some tattoos around his arms. At age 17, he got a heart tattoo on his left arm with the name “Twan,” a real name given by his mother. Other tattoos are a lion which signifies kingship; dirty south, which honors southern pride; DF tattoos (Dungeon Family); and Carlito, his dog. He also includes his children’s name and life verse, which was drawn on his neck, chest, and arm.


OutKast poses with the three awards they won at the 46th Annual Grammy Awards

OutKast poses with the three awards they won at the 46th Annual Grammy Awards

With great talents and passion for music, Big Boi has received several major nominations and awards. He was nominated for 18 Grammy awards. Consecutively, he won Best Rap Performance for “Ms. Jackson” (2002) and “The Whole World” (2003), Best Rap Album for Speakerboxxx/The Love Below, and Best Urban/Alternative Performance in 2014.

Another major award was given to him from some of the popular music associations like; American Music Awards, BET Awards, MTV Europe Music and Video Awards, Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards, and Soul Train Music Awards. His movie Idlewild also received nominations for Black Reel Awards.

Highlight and Other Facts

Other than his acting and music career, Big Boi is also a registered dog breeder. Together with his brother James Patton, they built a business in Georgia City breeding different kinds of dogs. The business is known as Pitfall Kennels, where they also save and rescue dogs.

Big Boi’s Instagram post with his dog

Big Boi’s Instagram post with his dog

This shows another side of him, his love for dogs. Besides, most of his Instagram posts are cute puppies and dogs. Their business got featured in a documentary film on Lion Nation TV.

Late in 2011, when he was at the peak of his career, Big Boi was arrested for having ecstasy, MDMA powder, and Viagra without any prescription. He was said to be traveling on a ship with friends when the drug was found in his luggage. His attorney claimed that it was obviously just a frame-up.

Big Boi Arrested on Drug Charges

Big Boi Arrested on Drug Charges

Police officials said that all charges for taking illegal substances are punishable. Thus, Big Boi faced a $16,000 bond at the Pre-Trial Detention Center in Miami.

Upcoming Concert And Tour

Presently, the veteran songwriter and rapper announced that he will have a concert and tour this year. He decided to have summer and spring tours in North America, including attending the High Water Festival. He is also working on new songs and albums since his last project was almost six years ago.

Net Worth Summary

Big Boi's home in Fayetteville, Georgia

Big Boi’s home in Fayetteville, Georgia

From the success of releasing his multi-platinum albums and music tours and concerts, Big Boi, gained an estimated net worth of $35 million. He started to invest and build property in South Atlanta, his hometown. In March 1997, he purchased a two-story home on six acres in Fayetteville, Georgia.

In 1996, he built a European-style home consisting of five bedrooms, three full bathrooms and a half bathroom, a swimming pool & spa, a steam shower, a sauna, two fireplaces, three decks, a game room, a six-car garage, and 3,852 square feet.

Other properties, such as his small home in Fayetteville, purchased for $157,000 (1999), and two luxury condos in Clearwater, Florida (2006), were bought.

With his brother James Patton, a dog-breeding business, Pitfall Kennels, was opened and successfully running for 20 years. It operates on a 25-acre facility in Georgia City. They breed different dogs like American Bullies, English Bulldogs, and French Bulldogs.

Big Boi's pet Chopper and Nikolai

Big Boi’s pet Chopper and Nikolai

Another additional investment is his collaboration with real estate, where the ad “Find your Big Boi House” brings hip-hop flavor to real estate industries. In 2021, he also listed his Dungeon Family House on Airbnb for $25 USD a night, giving his fans a real experience of his home.

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