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Bandman Kevo Net Worth



Bandman Kevo Net Worth
 Real Name Kelvin Ford
Stage Name Bandman Kevo
Age 33
Gender male
Height 5ft 9in (1.75m)
Country of Origin United States of America
Place of Birth Chicago
Net Worth $5 million
Source of Wealth Musical Artist
Date of Birth February 16, 1990,
Marital Status Single
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What Is Bandman Kevo’s Net Worth?

Kelvin Ford, popularly known as Bandman Kevo, is an American rapper and musical artist. Although he is famous for his song “How We Do It,” his music is introspective and addresses various topics, including life on the streets, struggles, and love.

As of 2023, Bandman Kevo is estimated to be worth about $5 million. He accumulated most of his wealth from his music career and being a social media influencer.

Bandman Kevo is one of the youngest and most famous American rappers with a fast-rising career and an exciting lifestyle. This piece provides all you need to know about this American star rapper, including his career, lifestyle, earnings overview, personal life, and notable lessons from his life.

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Early Life

Bandman Kevo was born on the 16th day of February 1990 in Chicago, Illinois, United States of America. Although there is not much detail about his parents, it is clear that he was born into an African-American family.

Bandman Kevo’s real name is Kelvin Ford, but he adopted the former as a stage name as he progressed in his career. His father is reported to be an entrepreneur, while his mother is rumored to be a homemaker.

He grew up in Chicago along with his siblings and cousins. However, there needs to be clear information about his siblings.

Kevo started music quite early in his life. Reports state that he started composing at age seven, which is surprising and fascinating.

His early education was clear until high school. It is rumored that Kevo never went beyond high school and instead focused on his music career.

However, he debunked the news by showing off his high school diploma certificate for Reputed University. It subsequently led to controversies as many people insinuated that the certificate was fake.

The certificate scandal was soon put to rest after he admitted forging a high school certificate in his YouTube interview with “Say Cheese.” He claimed to have dropped the forged certificate and stopped looking for a job because he couldn’t work hard to make so little.

He then found an alternative way to make money through music, social media influencing, and serial business connections.


Bandman Kevo does not have an itch-free career, but he definitely has a good one. Hip-hop was Kevo’s hobby as a kid, he grew to transform his hobby into a profession.

Reports from close sources claim that Kevo started writing lyrics at age seven. His lack of flair for studying accelerated his decision to focus on music as a career.

Bandman Kevo dropped his first track titled “How We Do It” in June 2012. Although the song did not receive notable recognition when released, it became his first step toward a successful career.

He released his second song, “All Foreign,” in 2013. This track did better magic than the first, attracting more audiences and getting more recognition.

In February 2014, he released another track titled “Who Is That.” This track attracted over a million views on YouTube, which is significant progress compared to the previous two.

Following this success, Kevo dropped another hit single in August 2014 titled “Baller In Me,” which also crossed a million views on YouTube.

Since then, Badman has been releasing back-to-back hits and taking several steps up in his career. Two of his most recent hit songs are “Tor Browser,” released in October 2019, and “Uber,” released in November 2019. Each track has 1.3 million views and 1.5 million on YouTube, respectively.

Other notable songs and albums from Band man Kevo include “I Want My Money,” “Methods,” “Stop Playing Me,” “Finesse God,” “TOR Browser,” “So Extra,” “So Much Smoke,” Popping It,” and “Stacking Cash.”

Sadly, Bandman Kevo’s career is not without a dent. He has faced several legal troubles and has spent some time in Jail.

He was arrested alongside his girlfriend, Mercedes Hatcher, for credit card fraud in 2016. Consequently, he was sentenced to 22 months in Jail, which was increased by 8 months after he was caught with the phone.

Four years later, he was re-arrested for the illegal procession of a gun. However, he was lucky to have the charges dropped after a short time.

Bandman Kevo talks about his time in Prison as an opportunity to work on himself and improve. He noted that he came out a better person than he went in.

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Bandman Kevo’s Earnings Overview

Bandman Kevo’s estimated net worth is about $5 million. He made most of his money from his music career and being a social media influencer.

The American rapper was not a fan of getting a 9-5 paid job as he claimed he couldn’t work so hard to earn so little. So, he found a way to make much more with music.

He makes money from his music sales, show performances, and YouTube channel. He records over 445K subscribers on his YouTube Channel.

Also, Kevo makes a lot of money from his social media presence. He makes as much as $50,000 from a single social media post, thanks to his estimated 30 million followers across different social media platforms.

Besides these, Kevo makes money from business connections, investing, and NFTs.

Personal Life

As much as Kevo is a social media influencer, he tries to keep his personal life, especially family and relationships, away from the internet. Very little is known about his parents and siblings.

Kevo’s romantic relationship has been a rollercoaster with so many details unclear. Reports indicate that Kevo is married to Dyme Kevo but is still in a romantic relationship with his longtime girlfriend, Mercedes Hatcher.

Kevo and Dyme are rumored to have wedded in a private ceremony and have a son. The latter part of their relationship doesn’t seem as rosy as it started.

Dyme and Kevo are recently involved in a media controversy after Dyme claimed she has been homeless with their son after Kevo threw them out of his home. Kevo, however, debunked the accusation.

In his defense, he uploaded an Instagram video stating he pays Dyme thousands of dollars regularly but doesn’t want to stay with her anymore. He added that despite making his position clear, Dyme returns each time with different tricks to stay with him.

3 Key Factors To Success From Bandman Kevo

Bandman Kevo’s career may seem more recent than most other artists, but he has risen to a respectable level within such a short period. His growth over the years is fascinating and can serve as a motivation to many. Below are some critical factors to success in Bandman Kevo’s life.

1. Do What Works for You

It is typical for an average American child to follow the schoolwork pattern, but Kevo dared to be different. Although this pattern is the general trend, Kevo figured it wouldn’t work for him and followed what worked. He showed there are different paths to success.

2. Take Life Lessons from Every Circumstance

Life sometimes hits us with circumstances beyond our control, but the lessons we take from these circumstances define us.

Despite being in Jail, Kevo acknowledged this time as a period to improve himself and become a better person. He took more positives and lessons than negatives from the unfortunate circumstances.

3. Never Give Up

Kevo’s first and second songs didn’t get enough recognition and audience as he would have loved but he never gave up. He kept trying harder and still trying to make more of his fast-rising career.

Badman Kevo’s Lifestyle

Badman Kevo lives a luxurious lifestyle and flaunts it on his social media pages. He enjoys wearing designer clothing and expensive accessories and using luxurious cars.

Badman Kevo once flaunted photos of his diamond and silver bracelet, watch, and chain on his Instagram page. He also regularly shares photos of himself calculating money, driving expensive cars, and wearing designer on his Facebook page.

Similarly, he shows off his garage, which contains many expensive cars. He has been pictured with cars ranging from Maserati and Ferrari to Chevrolet.

Badman Kevo is a lover of tattoos and has ink all over his body.

He stays in a luxurious mansion in Chicago alone. The luxurious mansion has a price tag of $1 million.

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Kelvin Ford, popularly known as Badman Kevo, is an American rapper and music artist with an estimated net worth of $5 million. He makes money from his music, being a social media influencer, and business connections.

Despite being active online and flaunting his possessions, Kevo tries to keep his personal life, romantic relationships, and family away from the internet. He is still on the rise in his career, with promises of many more.

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