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Angelyne Net Worth



Angelyne Net Worth

Angelyne is an actress and a model who came to the limelight during the mid-1980s. In 1984, she began to appear on several billboard advertisements in Los Angeles, posing with her name written boldly.

What Is Angelyne’s Net Worth

Angelyne, at the time, was not promoting a product; instead, she was doing a self-campaign, promoting herself to become a celebrity. Currently, she has an estimated net worth of about $1 Million.

Like Julian Works, most of her earnings can be attributed to her modeling, music, and acting career. Her advertisement campaign birthed her acting career, as she began starring in movies after being brought to the spotlight by the self-promoting campaign.

Would you like to learn more about Angelyne’s early life, personal life, career, an overview of her net Worth, and many more? Read on to learn more about Angelyne.

Angeline’s Net Worth Annually

Angelyne has an estimated net worth of about $1 Million as of Feb 2023. Although her net worth has been on the rise over time, which can be traced to her career’s tremendous progress and success. Find below the breakdown of Angeline’s annual net worth over time:

  • Net Worth In 2017 – Not Available
  • Net Worth In 2018 – Not Available
  • Net Worth In 2019 – Not Available
  • Net Worth In 2020 – Not Available
  • Net worth In 2021 – $500 Thousand
  • Net worth In 2022 – $500 Thousand

The recent rise in Angelyne’s annual net worth can be attributed to the additional earning from her social media account. According to the latest YouTube statistics on February 9, 2023, she has a total video view count of 59.6 Thousand on the YouTube channel.

This implies that Angelyne made about $59.00~$118.00 and had 405 subscribers on the same YouTube channel.

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Angelyne Biography

Ronia Tamar Goldberg, popularly known as Angelyne, was born September 12, 1950, in Chmielnik, Poland, to a Polish Jewish Holocaust survivor’s parents. She is a model, media personality, singer, Actress, and businesswoman.

Angeline was born to her father, Hendrik Goldberg, and mother, Bronia Zernicka, who met during World War II and married in the Föhrenwald DP camp. They later returned to post-war Poland. After she was born, her parents moved to Bnei Brak, Israel, before immigrating to the United States in 1959, eventually settling in Fairfax, Los Angeles.

Angelyne also has a younger sister named Annette, and she lost her mum to cancer in 1965 at age 14. She didn’t bond with her parents well enough, as her father sometimes abused her. She attended James Monroe High School in North Hills, California.

Name Ronia Tamar Goldberg
Stage name Angelyne
Date of Birth September 12, 1950
Age 72
Gender Female
Place of Birth Chmielnik, Poland
Country of Origin United States of America
Height 5ft 3.5inches
Children Nill
Net worth $1 Million
Source of wealth Modeling and Acting
Profession Billboard Model, singer and Actresse
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Career And Awards

In 1978, Agenlyne started a punk rock band, Baby blue, her then-boyfriend band. The band performed in various local clubs in Los Angeles, and they released their debut song, Rock n’ Roll Rebel, in 1978, which failed to get attention. The album was limited to 1000 copies and was only distributed in England.

They came up with the crazy idea of posting Agenlyne’s picture around town to gain attention to promoting their band. In 1979, the band released a single titled Too much to Touch, using the name Angeline, which they promoted through her posters and flyers.

In 1982, Angelyne released her debut album on an Independent label, Erika Records. The album contains 11 songs, which include singles like Kiss Me LA, Sexy Stranger, and a cover of Elvis Teddy Bear. The label later released another track for Angelyne titled My List, including a music video in July 1983.

Angelyne met a wealthy entrepreneur and the inventor of Hugo’s Amazing Tape, Hugo Masnick, in 1982 when she attempted to enlarge a poster of herself to the size of a billboard. Hugo Masnick owned a display printing business in Los Angeles. In 1984, her first billboard was set up on Sunset Boulevard, written Angelyne Rocks.

In 1986, she released another album of 8 songs, Driven to Fantasy, under her record label, Kitten Pink. In the following year, 1987, her painting was painted on Hollywood and Vine. The $22,000 painting was painted at an 85 feet high mural and was financed by her manager.

Angelyne was introduced to Michael Do Dosco by her friend Nina Hagen in the same year, in 1987. Michael produced her song, Animal Attraction which was later featured in the movie Earth Girls Are Easy in 1988, where she had a cameo role. She also appeared alongside Lawrence Monoson and Brenda Bakke in a movie called Dangerous Love.

In 1989, she starred in a movie titled Hardcase and Fist and in another movie, Homer and Eddie starring Jim Belushi and Whoopi Goldberg. Likewise, in 1991, she played in the movie titled The Malibu Beach Vampire.

In 1995, Angelyne had already been featured on over 200 billboards all over Los Angeles. During that time, she was featured in the black and white documentary titled Angelyne. In 1997, she launched her website, which offered tours around Hollywood and Sunset Boulevard.

In 1998, she released an experimental movie titled The Angelyne Dream Experience. Angelyne pursued another artistic venture and began painting self-portraits in the same year. Since then, she has had several successful art exhibitions.

Angelyne released her third studio album, Beauty & Pink, in 2000 under the record label Orbital Traxx. She also writes songs like Pink, Dust, and You Gotta Move. In 2013, Angelyne was offered a contract by the designer Michael Kulva to be the face of Tumbler and Tipsy.

In 2020, Angelyne created a series based on her life. She was the producer of the movie series. The series was ordered by the video streaming service Peacock. In April 2020, the series’ first trailer premiered on Peacock.

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Awards and Achievements

When writing this article, Angelyne had no record of awards and nominations credited to her.

Personal Life and Lifestyle

Angelyne was briefly married to a Jewish man, Michael Strauss, in 1968, at age 18. The marriage did not last long, and it crashed in 1969.

Since Angelyne didn’t remarry to date, she had a relationship with Jordan Michaels in the late 70s and her assistant, Scott Hennig. Angelyne had no child from the marriage and not even after.

In 2003, she ran for Hollywood city council as the governor of California. She garnered 2536 votes and finished 29th place in the field of 135 candidates. In 2021, Angelyne ran without a party preference for the California gubernatorial recall election of Gavin Newsom.

She did not reach the 50% threshold to recall the incumbent governor, but she received 0.05% of the vote and finished as the highest candidate without a party preference. she took the 18th out of 46.

In 2000, Angelyne paid for a 1,810-square-foot condo in Malibu at $530,00. Then later put the property on the market for $575,000 in November 2010, and she eventually sold it for $600,000 in April 2011. This makes her one of the richest singers in the world, next to the likes of Alicia Keys, Kirsten Dunst, Normani, Faith Evans and more.

3 Key Factors to Success From Angelyne

Let us talk about some life lessons we can learn from Angelyne now that you have an overview of her net worth and how she achieved her success. Some of the lessons here;

1. Strategy

When the band was not gaining attention, she had to re-strategize, and she did something a little different from music to gain attention to her musical career. Which she eventually built a career in, given her multiple streams of income.

2. Hard Work

We can see that Angelyne is very hardworking. Despite her age, she still believes in her career dream to produce the peacock movie series.

3. Determination

She is determined, which plays a significant role in her success story.

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Angelyne is a fascinating figure who has profoundly impacted Los Angeles culture. She has been in the spotlight for about 5 decades and has built a path for a rising income and net worth

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