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Andy Jassy Net Worth [Amazon CEO]



Andy Jassy’s Net Worth

Name Andrew R. Jassy
Gender Male
Date of Birth 13th January 1968 (55 years)
Place of Birth Scarsdale, New York
Country of Origin United States of America
Height 1.73m (5 feet 8.11 in)
Marital Status Married
Wife’s Name Elana Rochelle Caplan
Children 2 children; one male and one female
Net Worth $382 million
Source of Wealth Amazon/ investor
Job Title CEO Amazon
Term July 2021 – Present
Previous Position CEO AWS
Yearly Income $213 million
Alma Mater
  • Harvard University
  • Harvard Business School
Twitter @ajassy
LinkedIn Visit here

Who Is Andy Jassy

Many of you know Andy Jassy as Jeff Bezos’ successor, becoming the CEO of the multi-billion-dollar company and star of e-commerce, Amazon. Did you know that Andy didn’t downrightly accept the role after Jeff offered it to him?

Jassy, 55, who had been running Amazon Web Services (AWS), said he never expected anything to be different and needed time to ponder the offer with his wife before making a decision. He officially began his role as CEO in July 2021.

Andrew R. Jassy is the president and CEO at Amazon, who took over from Jeff Bezos in July 2021. He joined Amazon in 1997 and was the founder and leader of Amazon Web Services from its inception. His role as CEO of AWS was from April 2016 to July 2021. He has an AB and MBA from Harvard University and is a board member at Amazon.

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What Is Andy Jassy’s Net Worth

After Andy got promoted in 2016 to CEO of AWS, he earned $36.6 million. He received a restricted stock unit of 10,000 shares in April 2018, and the value of the shares as of July 2020 was $30,089,100. It’s vesting in 2021 was 37.5%, with 12.5% in 2022, 37.5% in 2023, and 12.5% in 2024.

For his work as CEO of AWS, Andy received a compensation of $175,000 and a restricted stock unit award of 4,023 shares in 2020. The value of the shares at the time was $12,104,844.93, with vesting in 2023.

In 2022, his net worth was estimated to be around $382 million, with yearly compensation of about $213 million.

What Is To Come With Andy Jassy?

From a customer-centered perspective, Andy announced on Twitter that there would be an expansion of Buy with Prime. This way, Prime customers will benefit from fast and free deliveries from merchants. This was established after early tests showed an increase in conversion by an average of 25% with Buy with Prime.

This move goes a long way to improve the shopping experience of Amazon Prime customers even across other sites.

Amazon had also announced that it would invest $972 million in electric vehicles in its European market. This will enable better deliveries and help Amazon reach its net zero carbon emissions goal by 2040.

Personal Life

Andrew R Jassy was born on the 13th of January 1968 to Everett L. Jassy and Margery Jassy, both of Scarsdale, New York. His family is of Hungarian ancestry and is Jewish. Andy’s father, Everett L. Jassy, was a senior partner and chairman of the corporate law firm management committee at Dewey Ballantine, New York.


After graduating from Harvard, Jassy worked for 5 years before doing his MBA at Harvard business school. He worked for MBI as a project manager. During this period, he and his colleague from MBI started their own company, which unfortunately didn’t run for long.

In 1997 about 3 years after Amazon was founded, Andy joined the team with some MBA colleagues from Harvard as a marketing manager, where he was in charge of music sales.

He came up with the idea for AWS with Jeff in 2003, and the platform was launched in 2006. Since it was his idea, he was the team leader, and his team was made up of 57 people who worked to build AWS.

He was promoted from senior vice president of AWS in April 2016 to CEO of AWS and was named Person of the Year by Financial Times just one month earlier.

His career continued to grow as Jeff offered the role of CEO of Amazon to Andy in January 2021, and the announcement was made in February of the same year. July 5th was the handover date, and Andy resumed his role as CEO of Amazon and worthy successor of Jeff Bezos.

In addition to being CEO of amazon, Andy is also a minority owner of Seattle Kraken and chairman of Rainier Prep.


  • MBI project manager
  • Marketing manager amazon
  • Senior vice president AWS
  • CEO Amazon


Andy grew up in Scarsdale and attended Scarsdale High School, where he excelled in sports and played soccer and tennis.

From there, he attended Harvard University and majored in Government. He graduated Cum laude and also held an MBA from Harvard Business School. He held the advertising manager position at Harvard Crimson during his undergraduate days.

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Andrew married Elana Rochelle Caplan in 1997. He had known her since childhood as her father was a senior partner at Dewey Ballantine law firm. She graduated from the Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science and is currently a fashion designer for Eddie Bauer.

Like Andy, she’s Jewish, and her cousin officiated their marriage. They both have two children, a son and a daughter, and live in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle.


Andy and his wife bought a 10,000 sqft house in 2009 for $3.1 million. The house is in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle where they live. It’s also news that he owns a 5,500 sqft property in Santa Monica, California, estimated to be $6.7 million.

Latest News And Video

Andy Jassy made it known in January 2023 that after reviews had been done, Amazon will eliminate over 18,000 roles across various teams.

However, most of these eliminations will be in the PXT organizations and Amazon stores. This move allows the pursuit of long-term opportunities while maintaining a stronger cost structure.

To provide support for those involved, amazon has several support packages lined out for affected staff. The packages include a separation payment, external job placement support, and health benefits.

Also, here is the latest video of Andy Jassy on balancing labour, unions, and profitability.


Andy Jassy’s houses are part of his huge investments. At such locations and occupying a great expanse of land. Apart from the properties he owns in Seattle and California, he also has other real estate investments in Canada and the US. He is known to have stocks in different companies.

Andy owns a large part of Amazon’s stocks, and the cumulative stocks he owns to be 1,250 units with a value of over $257 million. Andy is an investor in the National Hockey League team, Seattle Kraken.

Awards And Achievements

Andy Jassy has made various achievements at amazon, and this has been made obvious by his ascent to the role of CEO of one of the giants of e-commerce in the world.

In 2016, Andrew was tagged person of the year by Financial Times. He earned this award due to his contribution to amazon, which skyrocketed the company to the top.

Also, as a way of awarding him for his contributions to amazon, he has received various restricted stock units of amazon shares worth several millions of dollars and rising.

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How Does Andy Jassy Spend His Money?

Andy Jassy has a lot of investments in real estate as can be seen in his two properties.

His Santa Monica home which is a two-story building with an indoor pool was bought for the sum of $6.7 million in an off-market deal. It’s a 5,500 square foot property strategically located and close to Bezos’ $165 million estate in Beverly Hills.

His current residence in the Capitol Hill neighborhood, Seattle was bought for $3.1 million in 2009. The 10,000 square foot house has six bedrooms and bathrooms, with a game room, pool, and gym. Other attractions of this mansion are a library, movie theater, and wine cellar.


With over 26 years of service to amazon, Andrew Jassy has helped put amazon at the top of world eCommerce. His contribution, of course, hasn’t gone unnoticed as he has made immense growth up the ladder to his current position as CEO of Amazon.

As a devout husband, father, sportsman, and businessman, Andy Jassy is a force to reckon with in the business world.

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