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Actor Ray Buffer Net Worth, Movies and TV Shows



actor Ray Buffer's Net Worth

Ray Buffer is a popular American actor, TV personality, Social media influencer, singer, voiceover artist, entrepreneur, and comedian. Ray is widely known for some of his roles in movies like A screenshot to Santa, Love Don’t Cost A Thing, Bullet Train, The Birthmark Killer, etc.

In 2022, Ray made the news headlines for the wrong reasons when he was accused of shoplifting. Reports say he was caught by the CCTV camera, stuffing up Comics in his shirt in a San Diego comics shop.

What is Ray Buffer’s Net Worth?

Ray Buffer’s net worth has not been ascertained. But from our research and judging from his earnings overview, we have come up with an approximate figure for his net worth.

Ray Buffer’s net worth is estimated at $600k as of 2023. This may appear disappointing to people who understand his contributions to the entertainment industry.

One would have thought he was as rich as the likes of Liam Neeson, Audrey Hepburn and Aubrey Plaza considering his acting prowess.

As we move on in this article, we will be discussing their annual earnings of Ray, how he got rich, his biography, career, personal life, and assets. Keep reading.

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Ray Buffer’s Net Worth Annually

Ray’s annual earnings are hard to estimate as we do not have information on how much he earns from movies or other jobs he is into. However, we know that his annual earnings have been increasing with the passing years.

Reports show that an average American actor earns between $49,637 and $73,544 yearly, based on their roles and acting status. While some actors may earn up to a million or more, and some may earn around $30,000.

Ray Buffer is a well-known actor who has played lead roles in popular movies. Considering that, he should be earning within the range of 49,637 and $73,544 or more.

How Did Ray Buffer Get Rich?

Ray Buffer is a multi-talented actor. Apart from acting, he is also a comedian, a voiceover artist, a TV personality, and a media influencer. Many careers can be linked to Ray and truth be told, he is good at all.

Ray Buffer influencing for a bear brand

Ray Buffer influencing for a bear brand

Ray started as a producer, producing and directing theatre plays. He went on to become a comedian, performing on different stages across the US. He also went on different tours as a vocalist.

These form the basis of Ray’s journey to success. He worked with different theatres and featured in different orchestra concerts. Ray also released some songs.

While we can’t determine how much he made from these roles, we believe that he distinguished himself in all that he did and wouldn’t have received anything less than an average person performing the same role.

Also, Ray was the general manager of Long Beach Opera till  2007 when he quit and established “The Relevant Stage” in San Pedro, California.  He also founded “Art-In-Relation,” a theatrical company, with business partner Jonas Sills, in 2014.

Ray is also a social media personality, who influences brands. He posts different pictures of him with different beer brands in his pool. The beer brands include Mocha Dolce, Denoginizer IPA, Modelo Negra, etc.

All these mentioned here are the possible sources of income for Ray. This is how he grew his net worth to $600k. Speculations are that he will amass more wealth I’m coming years.


Raymond Ernest Buffer, Jr was born on September 2 1969  Greenacres, Florida to Delana, who is a domestic worker, and Raymond Ernest Buffer, Sr., a landscaper.

He went to college in South Florida. Later, he went to BFA in 1994 and graduated in Musical theatre.

Full Name: Raymond Ernest Buffer Jr
Mostly Called: Ray Buffer
Birth Place: Greenacres, Florida
Birthday: September 2, 1969
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Age: 53 years
Weight: 113 kg (250 lbs)
Height: 6 ft 4 in (1.9 m)
Marital Status: Married (divorced)
Wife: Roberta McMillan (ex-wife)
Parents Name: Father: Raymond Ernest Buffer, Sr

Mother: Delana Buffer

Children: None
Siblings: N/A
College: N/A
Profession: Actor, Comedian, singer, producer, voiceover artist, and TV personality
Social Media Accounts:

Ray Buffer Movies and TV Shows

Buffer produced and directed plays during the 1990s, in addition to acting in dinner theater and regional productions. In 1999, Buffer moved to Huntington Beach, California, from Orlando, Florida, where he had been appearing in various theater productions and toured theme parks across the nation.

Ray Buffer playing the Santa role during a Christmas Carol

Ray Buffer playing the Santa role during a Christmas Carol

Along with McMillan, he co-produced and directed Rats & Bullies, a feature-length documentary about relationship aggression that centers on Dawn Marie Wesley’s suicide in Mission, British Columbia, Canada. As a result of the film’s success at film festivals, a speaking tour was organized for audiences in schools and organizations across North America.

He portrayed Stage Manager Darrell in 2004, on the award-winning HBO Comedy Series, “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” as well as touring the United States as a vocalist with the Mantovani Orchestra.

In 2007, Buffer left his position as general manager of Long Beach Opera to start The Relevant Stage in San Pedro, California, which ran until 2011 and mostly presented musical theater productions. In 2014, Buffer and partner Jonas Sills established the new theater company Art-In-Connection.

Although it was established in Long Beach, California, the corporation today has production facilities in Los Angeles and Hollywood. Buffer still makes appearances in movies, plays, and music videos in addition to small cameo roles in movies like Bullet Train, American Gigolo, and Russian Thug.

In recent times, Ray has taken up minor acting and directing roles. He also features in live shows and TV shows. In addition, he is a contract Santa that has been a part of many Christmas Carols across the USA.

As a social media personality, he also influences brands. He posts different pictures of him with different beer brands in his pool. The beer brands include Mocha Dolce, Denoginizer IPA, Modelo Negra, etc.

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Personal Life

He married writer and actress Roberta McMillan on June 6, 1992. The marriage lasted for 17 years and they divorced in 2009. Ever since then, Ray has been in and out of relationships.

In 2022, Ray was involved in a shoplifting scandal and made news headlines across the USA and beyond. The actor and comedian are said to have stolen comic books worth over $600 from a comics book shop in San Diego.

According to reports, he was caught on CCTV camera stuffing the comic books into his shirt. The manager confronted him and after some arguments, he brought out the books and left as the shop owner threatened to call the police.


There is no current information on Ray’s assets or real estate. We will update this article as soon as we find anything on that.


Does Ray Buffer Have a Child?

Ray was married to writer and actress, Roberta McMillan for seventeen years but they didn’t have a child together.

The couple divorced in 2009 without a child from the marriage. No one can say exactly why they didn’t have a child.

Was Ray Buffer a Part Of The “Bullet Train” Cast?

Yes, Ray played the minor role of a Russian Thug in the 2022 hit movie “Bullet Train.” The movie also featured other notable actors like Brad Pitt, Brian Tyree Henry, and Bad Bunny.

Who is Ray Buffer’s Girlfriend?

Ever since his divorce from his wife, Roberta McMillan Ray’s love life has been a mystery. Although we know he has been in and out of different relationships, we can’t say exactly who is dating.

Did Ray Buffer Go To Jail For Shoplifting?

In 2022 Ray was caught on CCTV camera, stuffing some comic books said to be worth about $600 into his shirt. The shop owner confronted him and he dropped the comic books.

He however wasn’t arrested or sent to jail. He owned up to the crime and left as the shop owner threatened to call the police. Ray hasn’t said anything about this incident till now.

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